Unicorns Of Light – Past Zoom – Stream / Download

£ 25.00


Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop as a download. On purchase you will receive a link where you can choose to stream or download the recorded session.

Unicorns are pure white seventh dimensional horses who have returned to Earth for the first time since Atlantis to help us with our ascension. They are known as the purest of the pure and have qualities of love, peace, calm, gentleness, hope, majesty, caring, magic and mystery. They will come to you when you are ready, helping you too to develop your unicorn qualities.

They have spiralling horns of light which radiate from their foreheads, through which they give healing, joy and enlightenment. The light of a unicorn is so powerful that it enters you gradually, in waves, only ever as much as you can cope with at any time.

Unicorns grant soul wishes, those things that satisfy you deeply and help you fulfil your pre-life contract.

When you think about a unicorn it wakens an energy within you that aligns you to higher realms. And if you meet one in dreams or meditations, your soul is connecting to the unicorn energy and great changes take place.

Remember that if you often think about unicorns and you have a desire to help the world a unicorn will soon be with you.

The unicorns were invited by Source to come to Earth to assist in bringing and holding the energies of beauty, purity and Divine innocence, and so many incarnated into physical beings of themselves. Being solitary creatures they kept themselves to themselves, sending healing energies out from a distance, but made contact with humans as and when was needed. Sightings of unicorns were usual though – often in forest glades, hill tops and near lakes and waterfalls. As the energies on became heavier here, due to humans loss of connection with Source, many unicorns began to withdraw from their physical incarnation as their pure essences couldn’t remain in the low vibrations.

They are returning again now as we prepare for the next age of ascension. They will work with you to bring healing to the Soul and well as to the heart.

In this Zoom workshop we introduce you at a deep level to your own Unicorn and look at how we can work with them to bring the Love and Light into our lives at this difficult time.