Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner class in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 9 new Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioners. It has been a wonderful 3 days, so many beautiful healing sessions, that you Angels for bringing these students and filling them…

5th November 2023

Crystals and Crystal Healing Advanced Practitioner Class

Congratulations to 5 new Advanced crystal Healers. Magical weekend so many wonderful healings.

22nd October 2023

Dragon Light Mastery. Unlocking the Crystal Keys Glastonbury.

What a truly magical 2 days working with the Dragon Light, Unlocking the Crystal keys. Congratulations to all who joined us as they mastered their own Dragon energy. Lots of…

14th September 2023

Avebury Blue Super Moon 2023

Many thanks to all who joined us yesterday for the Super Blue Moon Lemurian event in Avebury. The weather stayed dry and we were able to connect to different areas…

31st August 2023

ACSS training (Angelic Crystal Sound Synthesis) retreat

Congratulations to 18 beautiful souls who joined us for the ACSS training (Angelic Crystal Sound Synthesis) retreat. 3 great days as we combined the Angelic realms, Crystals, Sacred Geometry, and…

25th August 2023

Starbeings Class in Avebury

Congratulations to 9 beautiful souls who joined us within the Avebury stones this weekend for our Starbeings Class. As we linked in with our star families of light and realigned…

13th August 2023

Transcend Wellness Houston

We are excited to announce that following training Chris and Rebecca Carpentier of Transcend Wellness in Houston Texas will be teaching some of our Crystal Heaven Classes. We are so…

27th July 2023

USA 2023 Houston Trip

We wanted to thank everyone who joined us on our recent trip to the US. We ran 9 classes over a 5 week period teaching. Atlantean Healing, Atla-Ra, Isis, The…

Atla-Ra 2 Mer-Ka-Na Glastonbury

Congratulations to 6 students who completed the 2nd level of their Atla-Ra Priesthood training today. It has been an amazing 2 days with you all, so many confirmations from that…

Atlantean Healing Practitioners Class

Congratulations to 7 Atlantean Healing Practitioners who compleated their training this weekend. It was a pleasure working with each of you and the Angels of Atlantis. Reconnecting you to your…

21st May 2023

Crystal Advanced Practitioner Class

Congratulations to 4 Advanced Crystal Practitioners. Great weekend working with more advanced crystals, Sacred Geometry, Elixir’s and Crystal grids. Wonderful healing and energy blessings xx  

14th May 2023

Angelic Reiki 3 & 4 Master Teachers

Congratulations to 2 new Angelic Reiki Master teachers. You will be great as you Spread the Angelic Kingdom of light out in the World. Much Love Neil and Zena xx…

9th May 2023

Collaboration Of The Crystal Skull Consciousness

What a truly amazing 2 days in Glastonbury. We were guided to organised with higher guidance to bring together a collaboration of Crystal Skull energy, Human, Dragon, and Galactic. This…

19th April 2023

Atlantean Healing Master Practitioner Class

Congratulations to 4 Atlantean Healing Master Practitioners. Wonderful weekend with you all and such beautiful Soul work and Healing. xx  

16th April 2023

Crystal Healing level 2 Practitioners Class

Congratulations to 11 Crystal healing 2 students. It was a really magical time working with you to gain you practitioner certification. We look forward to receiving your case studies and…

2nd April 2023

Angelic Mediumship Advanced Class

What a great 2 days running the Angelic Mediumship Advance class with 7 empowered ladies on this international day. So much confirmations from the Angelic Realms. And also an amazing…

8th March 2023

Atla-Ra Priesthood Training Level 1

Congratulations to 6 new Atla-Ra Priestesses as they complete the level 1 workshop. We had a magical weekend with you all and look forward to seeing you on level 2…

5th March 2023

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner Class Glastonbury

Wow, Congratulations to 8 new Angelic Reiki Practitioners. It has been a wonderful 3 days working with the Angelic Kingdom Of Light. We loved holding this space for you and…

26th February 2023

Atla-Ra Level 2 Priesthood training

Congratulations to 12 New Atla-Ra Priestesses as they complete the 2 level of their training. It was a wonderful 2 days in Glastonbury. So excited to see their continued growth…

8th February 2023

Crystals And Crystal Healing Part 1 Glastonbury

Congratulations to 8 wonderful ladies who completed their Crystal and Crystal Healing level 1 this weekend. It was so magical to share our love of crystals with you all and…

29th January 2023

Atla-Ra Priesthood training level 1

What a wonderful weekend with 8 beautiful people teaching Atla-Ra level priesthood training 1 class. Congratulations everyone. looking forward to seeing you on level 2 in the New Year

9th November 2022

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