Atlantean Healing Glastonbury

Congratulations to 4 new Atlantean Healing Practitioner in Glastonbury.It was a very special weekend as we connected back to Atlantis and worked with the Angels of Atlantis to bring healing and balance.

15th September 2019

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 5 new Angelic Reiki Practitioners, such a great 3 days with the Angels. You were all brilliant and we would like to thank Janet also for joining us. Thank You Angels xx

8th September 2019

Crystals and Crystal 2 Practitioner level, Glastonbury

Congratulations to all who attended the Crystal Practitioner class at the weekend in Glastonbury, we will look forward to your case studies as you continue your crystalline journey. Fantastic healing with so much energy and confirmation. Well done.

26th August 2019

Magical Mystical Tor Retreat, Glastonbury.

Fantastic Magical Mystical Tor Weekend retreat at the Chalice Well Glastonbury. Connecting to Merlin and all the Elemental energies, Unicorns, Fairies and Elf’s, Phoenix, Dragons and so much more. Thank you everyone for making it so special.

20th August 2019

Crystals and Crystal Healing Level 1 Glastonbury

Great weekend teaching Crystals and Crystal Healing in Glastonbury. Congratulations to 5 new Crystal students who are starting this glorious journey with the crystalline world.

12th August 2019

Crystals and Crystal Healing level 1, Oswestry

Congratulations to 6 more Crystal level 1 students in Oswestry. Great class and look forward to seeing you later in the year x

31st July 2019

Dragon Evening class, Oswestry

Fab workshop bringing in the magical Dragons. Congratulations to all who attended, lots of fun thank you Dragons for making it a magical night x

Protection Class, Glastonbury

Great 1 Day class on Protection and spiritual health today, held at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Congratulations to all that joined us it was lovely to see you working with protection in so many ways and by bringing in the Chalice well energy, it just took things to another level.

20th July 2019

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner class, Glastonbury.

16 new Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioners, what a fantastic 3 days it has been teaching. It has been a very magical few months for Zena and I with many messages from the Angelic Kingdom. The Angels have always been at the heart of everything we do and they continue to show us support…

14th July 2019

Crystal Skull 1 day introduction class (Glastonbury)

Congratulations to all who attended the Crystal Skull 1 day Class. Having so much fun with the different Skull energies.

8th July 2019

Dragon Class (Glastonbury)

Congratulations to all who attended the Dragon day class in Glastonbury. Super connection and confirmation. Look forward to hearing more stories and adventures with the Dragon Realm. Blessings x

6th July 2019

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Class (Glastonbury)

Congratulations to all who attended the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame class. It was really wonderful to see you all working with this source energy. Blessings.

Crystals and Crystal Healing level 1 Bournemouth

Great weekend in Bournemouth teaching 4 students Crystals and Crystal Healing level 1. Congratulations to all it was a very hot weekend and that was just the weather, let alone the energy from the crystals lol x

1st July 2019

Starbeings and the Language of Light.

What a Phenomenal weekend running Starbeings and the Language of light workshop in Glastonbury. The energy was off the scale. Congratulations to Lyra, Gaynor, Debbie, Caroline, Joanna and Shaun.

9th June 2019

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master/ Teachers class

Congratulations to 6 new Angelic Reiki Master Teachers in Oswestry. (1 camera shy) Fantastic 3 days with you all. So much confirmation from the Angelic Kingdom of Light. We cannot wait to see where this journey takes you all. Love and blessings Neil and Zena xx

4th June 2019

Angelic Mediumship Practitioner Class

What a truly magical 3 days at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. Teaching the Angelic Mediumship Practitioner class. Congratulations to each of you, it was brilliant to see the change from Saturday through to today. We look forward to working with you all in the future. Many Angelic blessings Neil and Zena. ( Next Angelic…

27th May 2019

Crystal 3 Advanced Practitioner class

Wonderful weekend teaching Crystal 3 Advanced Practitioner. Congratulations to Angus, Lou, Jo and Daisy.

19th May 2019

Crystal Skull Guardian Retreat, Glastonbury.

Crystal Skull Guardian Practitioner Retreat. What a magical and transforming 3 days as more that 150 Crystal Skulls came together for learning and Healing. We connected to many of the Ancient Skulls also through the collective energies. We also created our own Crystal Skull canvas. Wow. Thanks to everyone for making it such a great success…

13th May 2019

Atlantean Healing Masters Class (Glastonbury)

Fantastic weekend teaching Atlantean Healing Master Practitioner class. Congratulations to all of you it truly was a great weekend.

28th April 2019

Soul Transition Practitioner class

Great Weekend at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. 6 new practitioners in Soul Transition the journey of the soul.. Congratulations everyone on taking the first step on this difficult topic but one that we all face.. It was great to work with you and share the knowledge. Much Love and blessings Neil and Zena.

24th February 2019

Lemuria and Lemurian Class (Glastonbury)

Congratulations to all who attended today’s Lemurian class. It was great working with such powerful crystals and giving healing. Connecting to Telos and the energies of Mount Shasta and Adama and Amara.

17th February 2019

Sacred Geometry and Crystal Grids class in Glastonbury

Congratulations to all who attended today, wow, what a day of some much energy. Thanks to each of you for making it so special.

16th February 2019

Crystals and Crystal Healing 2 Practitioner

Great class of 10 students stepping up to become practitioners. So much fun and enjoyment working on each other mastering the crystal laydowns and stepping in to new levels of crystal work. Congratulations to each of you and we cannot wait to receive you case studies so that you can be certificated as practitioners.

15th February 2019

Atlantean Healing Practitioners Glastonbury

Congratulations to 4 more Atlantean Healing Practitioners. It was a magical weekend in the Isle Of Avalon working with the Angels of Atlantis.

3rd February 2019

Atlantean Master Practitioner class in Oswestry

Wow, great 2 days with 4 new Master Practitioners. It was such a great 2 days seeing them step up as the energies increase. new additional healing techniques, Soul retrieval and more.

30th January 2019

Atlantean Healing in Wrexham

What a great weekend we had in Wrexham. 5 new Atlantean healing practitioners, stepping back to the Atlantean energy on so many levels.

Crystals and Crystal Healing Level 1 Glastonbury

What a great weekend with 7 new students starting their crystal journey of discovery. Congratulations to you all.

21st January 2019

Dragon Classes in Glastonbury and Bournemouth (Two Hearts Beat As One)

What magical workshops in the 2 locations. It is amazing how the Dragons connect with their guardians, so many different experiences. Thanks to all twenty of you for attending and making it such a powerful workshop and such happy days.  We cannot wait to hear about your continued journeys and how the Dragons will change…

10th December 2018

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner Class Oswestry

Congratulations to 11 new Angelic Reiki Practitioners in Oswestry. It was a great class and we loved seeing the transformation in your energies. Thanks to each and everyone of you for making it so special. Love and blessings Neil and Zena xx

28th November 2018

Angelic crystal Reiki™ Practitioners class in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 5 more Angelic Crystal Reiki™ Practitioners who have been attuned to work with Crystals and their healing Angels. It was great to work with you all and to hear your feedback on the healing. Blessings to you all xxx

11th November 2018

Spirit Quest May 2018 Texas

What a magical trip, 13 classes so much learning and empowerment. Thanks to everyone who attended.

5th November 2018

Atlantean Healing™ Practitioners in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 8 new Atlantean Practitioners, it was a great weekend, magical healing and more.

4th November 2018

Angelic Mediumship™ Retreat, Glastonbury.

What a magical 3 days we had at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. 13 people attended and made a heart connection with the Well and the gardens. We are so honored to be working with our Angelic guides for mediumship. Congratulations to everyone it was so wonderful to allow Crystal Heaven to become part of your…

2nd November 2018

Angelic Crystal Reiki™ at the Angel Office, Wrexham

Congratulations to 8 new Angelic Crystal Reiki™ Practitioner. It was a wonderful class in the Angel Office, Wrexham. We wish to thank John and his team for taking care of us. The healing went to another level with the Synthesis crystals. Cannot wait to hear your feedback when working with clients. If you are interested…

10th September 2018

Atlantean Healing Practitioners Oswestry

Congratulations to 6 new Atlantean Healing Practitioners. Wonderful class connecting back to Atlantis and the Golden Age.

Crystal Skull evening at Oswestry

Thanks to all that attended this evening, it was great to meet your Skulls and to connect to such powerful energy.

Crystals and Crystal Healing Level 1 in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 11 new crystal healers, what a packed weekend working with the Crystals. Lots of laughter and learning. Thank you to you all for making it such a great weekend. Look forward to seeing you on Crystal level 2   .

2nd September 2018

Atlantean Healing™ Master Practitioner class, Glastonbury.

Congratulations to 7 new Atlantean Master Practitioners, it was a magical class, such strong energies and healing. We cannot wait to see this grow with each of you as you shine your light even brighter. Much Love Neil and Zena xx

26th August 2018

Crystal Heaven Spiritual Development Retreat Glastonbury

Fantastic weekend had by all as we connect to the energies of Avalon. Staying at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Working with the Arthurian energies, connecting to the Michael and Mary ley lines, Healing for the Holy Thorn and visiting Gog and Magog and much more.

22nd August 2018

Angelic Crystal Reiki™ Practitioner class in Bournemouth.

Congratulations to 6 new Angelic Crystal Reiki™Practitioners. Wonderful weekend in Bournemouth, unbelievable energies as we combine the Angelic kingdom with the Crystal kingdom.

5th August 2018

Crystals and Crystal Healing Level 2 Practitioner Class Glastonbury

Magical weekend teaching Crystal 2 Practitioner at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. Congratulations everyone great weekend. grat  

30th July 2018

Crystals and Crystal Healing 2 Practitioner class in Bournemouth

What a magical weekend in Bournemouth at the Crystal 2 class. Congratulations to the students who now just need to complete there class by doing case studies.

24th July 2018

Lemurian and Atlantean Blueprint Activation Day in Avebury.

What a magical day, weather was perfect, nice a quite in Avebury stones.  We worked to clear fear and other low emotions and then to make the connection to the Divine Blueprint and to reactivate that spark within each of us. We opened the heart of self love and compassion so that we could receive…

15th July 2018

Crystal Skull Workshop, Glastonbury.

Congratulations to the 10 Crystal Skull Guardians who joined us today in Glastonbury. So many wondrous Crystal Skulls all coming together to connect with us. Some magical healing was experienced as well as some great messages of love. Thanks to all who attended as well as the Crystal Skull collective consciousness, we cannot wait until…

8th July 2018

Dragon Workshop, Glastonbury

Thanks to all the Dragon Guardians that came to Glastonbury. Lots of energy flowing from all the Dragon Guides that we worked with as well as the Dragons of Avalon and Mother Earth. Congratulations to each of you, much love Zena and Neil x

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Workshop. Glastonbury

Thanks to all who attended today. It was a great class with the Violet Flame, lots of healing and working to transmute all that does not serve you. This class just gets better and better as this magical energy increases in its intensity. Blessings to all xx

Jessie meets and connects to the Mitchell Hedges Skull

Many of you may already know that Zena and I have a magical clear Quartz skull called Jessie that came into our lives in 2005 and that she changed our lives from that moment on. Well we have continued with our soul journey of working with the Crystal Skulls as well as the Lemurian and…

3rd July 2018

Atlantean Healing™ Practitioner class Glastonbury

Congratulations to all who attended, you were all wonderful and it was great to see you working with the energy.

2nd July 2018

Atlantean Healing™ Practitioners class Bournemouth

Great Weekend in Bournemouth Teaching Atlantean Healing™ to 4 priestesses. Congratulations to Nishi, Liz, Tina and Katerina, the connection was so strong and you healing was magical with the Angels of Atlantis. Cannot wait to see you on the next course.xx

6th May 2018

Lemurian Activation in Stonehenge

   Fantastic Lemurian Blueprint Activation with the Stones. Thanks to all that came it was so powerful and a pleasure for us to take you back to Lemuria.

5th May 2018

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioners class. Glastonbury

Magical weekend teaching Angelic Reiki Practitioners class in Glastonbury. Well done to David, Andrea, Karen, Kate, Paul, Helen, Jennie, Monica, Laura and thanks to Lou. It was great to work with you and be part of your journey. Much love and light Neil and Zena xx

2nd May 2018

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master / Teachers

Well done to 5 new Angelic Reiki Master/ Teachers. It was a magical workshop in Southend. We are so proud of each of you for taking this next step and excited to hear about your individual healing and teaching plans. Well done Liz, Sarah, Conchita, Rachael and Tina. We would also like to thank Donna…

11th December 2017

Crystals and Crystal Healing level 3 in Glastonbury

Great weekend in Glastonbury teaching Crystals amd Crystal Healing level 3. Well done to Janet, Katie, Lorraine,Carol and Nettie. You were all so wonderful. Blessings xx

Atlantean Healing™ in Glastonbury

What a wonderful weekend with 4 special ladies. Learning all about Atlantis and how the energies are coming back. Opening and activating their 12 chakras, working with the Violet Flame and receiving their attunement to the Atlantean Healing energies. and much more. Well do to Michele, Anne-Marie, Jan and Karen. You were all brilliant and…

26th November 2017

Atlantean Healing Master Class

Well done to 6 New Atlantean Masters. It was a magical weekend love and Blessings Neil and Zena xx     Testimonial  Hayley Felton It was an amazing weekend. Thank you Neil and Zena for teaching us in such a beautiful way. It’s a real honour to have taken the Master Pratitioner course with you. Thank you…

21st November 2017

Crystals and Crystal Healing of the Ancients and beyond.

The end of another magical weekend In Glastonbury. Really enjoyable new workshop, Crystals and Crystal Healing of the Ancients and beyond. Well done to everyone who attended you were all great. Blessings Neil and Zena xX

30th October 2017

Soul Transition Workshop Bournemouth October 2017

Brilliant weekend workshop in Bournemouth. 7 new Soul Transition Practitioners. It was a great group, well done to each of you.

23rd October 2017

Atlantean Healing Masters course at Glastonbury Chalice Well

Wonderful weekend in the Chalice well Glastonbury, running the Atlantean Master practitioner workshop. Well done to 13 magical priestesses. It has been a real pleasure seeing you grow and shine your light in the world. Much love and thanks to each of you. Neil and Zena xx

17th October 2017

Angelic Reiki 1 &2 Practitioners class in Glastonbury

Great weekend teaching Angelic reiki 1&2 practitioner class in Glastonbury. Well done to Samuel, Maria, Karen, Zanine and Paula you were all great. Well done also to Andrea, Carla, James and Debbie who sat it on our Teacher mentoring scheme.

21st August 2017

Chalice Well Retreat, Glastonbury

Fantastic Fun and lots of deep spiritual work within the Isle Of Avalon. Thanks to all who attended. The Tor Chalice Gardens Waterfall Meditation Holy Thorn Healing Private Access Stonehenge

15th August 2017

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master Teachers in Wokingham

Great 3 days at the Wellbeing Hub in Wokingham. Teaching Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master/ Teacher. Well done to Nishad, Carol, Katie, Sarah and Kathryn, you were all wonderful. Blessings Neil and Zena xx

29th July 2017

Atlantean Healing Practitioners, Norfolk

What a great weekend in Norfolk, with 9 beautiful souls, reconnecting them to Atlantis and teaching the Atlantean Healing Practitioners™ course. Well do to Paul, Brian, Heather, Carla, Geraldine, James, Liz ,Sandra and Jayne. x

17th July 2017

Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame in Glastonbury

THE COSMIC DIAMOND VIOLET FLAME Before we start to work with the cosmic Diamond Violet Flame let us explain a little bit of history behind the Violet Flame itself, the Violet Flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light. The Violet Flame was given to the priests and priestesses of Atlantis by the divine…

10th July 2017

Crystal Skull Guardian workshop in Glastonbury

CRYSTAL SKULL GUARDIAN Are You Destined To Be The Guardian Of These Crystal Skulls?  Well done to everyone There are thousands of skulls made from different crystals, sizes, styles and prices. Choosing the right skull for you should not be difficult Becoming a guardian of a particular Crystal Skull may be a calling – it…

Crystals and Crystal Healing in Wrexham

What a magical weekend working with the crystals in Wrexham. Many thanks to John for hosting the workshop. Lots of practical hands on crystal work and fun. Well don to John, Sian, John, Emily, Fiona and Heather, you were all wonderful. Look forward to seeing you at Crystals 2 to continue your journey. Blessings Neil…

3rd July 2017

Angelic Reiki practitioners Croydon

Great weekend in Croydon with 6 new Angelic Reiki practitioners, well done to Silus, Luchia, Roz, June, Edna and Maria. xx   The Angels filled the room with so much love and joy it was magical x

26th June 2017

Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioners in Glasgow

Great weekend teaching Angelic Reiki 1&2 Practitioner in Glasgow. thanks to Dawn, Lynn,Teresa and Louise you great healers and cannot wait to see you shine you light even brighter. Love and blessings Neil and Zena x

13th June 2017

Crystal 3 Advanced Practitioners in Bournemouth

Great weekend with 5 Practitioners, taking them to the next stage . Well done, Nicky, Joanna, Yvonne, Claire and Jody. It was great to explore the new ways of working and to see you being creative in so many ways. x

5th June 2017

Atlantean Healing™ Practitioners class in London

Fantastic weekend with 4 great individuals as they step back to there Atlantean lives and brings forward the knowledge from Atlantis. Congratulations to Sahra, Deborah, Karen and Silas.

29th May 2017

Crystals and Crystal Healing Advanced Practitioners class Leeds

What a magical event in Leeds, we had 6 practitioners who wanted to advance their knowledge. We worked with new layouts, crystals and elixiers and much much more. Well done to Tracy, Tony, Louise, Heather, Kirsty and Gill.

15th May 2017

Angelic Reiki Practitioner class in Rhyl, North Wales

What a great weekend in North Wales teaching Angelic Reiki. Keeley Roberts allowed us to use her beauty centre and attended in a teacher learning role, with the aim to teach Angelic Reiki herself. We are also grateful for the Testimonial below. Feeling so very full of gratitude this morning… I believe when teaching any…

3rd May 2017

Crystals and Crystal Healing 2 Practitioners in Ewell, Surrey

What a magical weekend running Crystal healin level 2 in Surrey, 10 students all move on to more detailed layouts and indepth healing.

24th April 2017

Divine Lightworker® Retreat in Glastonbury

We would like to say a huge thank you to all who attended our Divine Lightworker Certification retreat at the weekend. Many of you are aware that this is a culmination of years of study and running workshops, It was time for us to bring much of the existing knowledge together as well as bringing…

13th April 2017

Angelic Reiki Master class in Bournemouth

Wonderful weekend teaching Angelic Reiki Master / Teachers 3&4 in Bournemouth, well done to all of you, it was truly magical. Zandra, Karen, Janie, Yvonne, Claire, Helen, Andrea, Lysanne, Val, and it was great to have Daisy and Debbi who joined us for Advanced teacher training. We cannot wait for you all to take this…

12th February 2017

Angelic Reiki Manchester January 2017 Masters

What a great weekend in Manchester well done to 4 new Angelic Reiki, Master / Teachers. You were all brilliant, Carol, Gorza, Emma and Nicola. Looking forward to you all shinning your light in the world. Much love Neil and Zena xx

29th January 2017

Soul Transition Workshop Bournemouth

Great weekend in Bournemouth running a Soul transition/ Soul Midwife workshop, many tears and emotions as well as laughter. You were all wonderful and we know that you will share all that you have learned with those in need. It was our last workshop in 2016 and what a special one. Well done, Kay, Janet,…

12th December 2016

Angelic Reiki 3&4 Master / Teacher in Leeds

Fab weekend teaching Angelic reiki 3&4 Master/Teachers in Leeds well done to Saneeta, Louise, Becky, Vivienne, Keeley and Oxsana you we brilliant and we are so pleased to be part of your spiritual journey. We would also like to thank Cathy who sat in. Much love to you all xxx

28th November 2016

Angelic Reiki in Southend On Sea, Essex

Great weekend teaching Angelic Reiki in Southend, 4 new Practitioners. Well done Lily, Tina, Regina and Steve you were all brilliant!  xxx  

21st November 2016

Crystals and Crystal Healing 1 In Ewell, Surrey

Magical weekend at St Michaels, Ewell, 12 new crystal and Crystal Healing 1 students. Well done to Philippa, Lucy, Tanya, Denise, Carol, Rosie, Tess, Talesha, June and 3 who are not in the picture, Paula, Michele, Louis. A truly Crystalicious weekend had by all and we cannot wait to see you at Level 2. Much…