Spirit Guide and Power Animal – Past Zoom – Stream / Download

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Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop as a download. On purchase you will receive a link where you can choose to stream or download the recorded session.

Join us for a event of Connecting with your Spirit Guides and Power Animals

Do you have a spirit guide?

Yes! In the same way we each have guardian angels watching over and protecting us, we also have one or more spirit guides. Your guides have a variety of roles and appear and interact with us in different ways.

What are spirit guides?

Spirit guides have many ‘guises’ and come from many sources. Your guide might be a deceased relative who communicates with you in a way that you recognise, or the energy feels familiar. They could appear in dreams, bring messages and ideas directly into your mind or assist you to feel ‘urges’ which guide you one way or another on the physical or spiritual path ahead.

You might have a prominent guide who acts as a companion or brings you the attributes. They could be with you your whole life through or maybe just pop in from time to time to assist you with specific lessons. These guides often take on the role and appearance of traditional teachers or narrators; you might see them as religious figures (like a nun or monk), a more spiritual person like a Native American or a tribal leader like a wise woman or shaman.

Some people connect to the nature realms and feel their guides’ energy is more like that from the faerie kingdoms; whilst others feel a strong connection to interdimensional beings from beyond the stars. or maybe you are feeling your power animal, a Wolf, Eagle?

Power animals can change depending on one’s life-path. As this reality is dictated by emotions, power animals are often attracted by the emotional grids of the person at a given time. One day your power animal may be a lion, and the next day a bear. Understanding the symbology of each animal is most important. Remember that when it comes to overcoming emotions, power animals are just a tool, not a solution.

Allegedly we all have power animals that are connected to us much like spirit guides. They come in all shapes, sizes, and frequencies bringing something special at the time we connect. The animal you meet today relates to your current challenges and will show you the way by taking you on a sacred journey.

Power animals most often appear to humans in dreams, meditations, initiations, and visualizations

In today’s frequencies, the image of an animal, based on your subconscious thoughts, will appear. For some it will happen quickly, for others it could take a few minutes. The animal you meet today relates to your current challenges and will show you the way by taking you on a sacred journey.

Let us introduce you to the Worlds of  Spirit Guides and Power Animals and through a deep meditation connect you to one of your Animals.