Crystals A to Z

Agate (Blue Lace)
agate Brings calm to chaos helping us to dispel anger and negativity gently without hurting ourselves or others. It gives us inner peace amidst everyday stress allowing us to just be. It calms excess energy so is good for hyperactive children (and adults)! It helps with sore throats, coughs and fevers. It also benefits arthritis, rheumatism and lowers blood pressure. It is good for hay fever, allergies and will bring quietness and serenity to all our worries and anxieties.
Agate (Moss Green)
agate_moss This crystal is said to refresh the soul. Strongly connected to nature, it will help you appreciate the beauty of things around you. It improves self-esteem, helps to release fear and deep-seated stress, helps provide calm and comfort in to your life.
amazonite A very soothing stone which emits tranquil energy, It gives us the ability to think deeply and view problems from different angles. It helps to balance and calm the nervous system. It is good for easing emotional trauma, worry, fear and dissolves sadness and encourages us to see the positive in all experiences. It aids intuition and to be artistically creative in all that we do. It will bring harmony within the body, easing cramps, gout, arthritis and aids in childbirth. It is good for the hair and nails and aids in balancing the metabolism.
amethyst Amethyst is especially good for calming situations and bringing in the wonderful violet spiritual healing energy. It elevates the spirit soothing us in times of frustration, irritation and confusion. It enhances psychic ability, intuition and spiritual awareness allowing us to grow peacefully into who we are meant to be. It is good for headaches, insomnia and anxiety, hormone balance, skin and hearing problems. It can also be used for cleansing the aura and protecting from negative energies.
ametrine Displays the characteristics of both Amethyst and Citrine, It is a very uplifting and energetic stone stimulating creativity and promoting the enthusiasm to take control of our own destiny. It helps to teach us to find balance between material and spiritual aspects of life. It will cleanse and balance the aura making contact with higher energies easier. It can be used to break old habits, reducing cravings and easing tension. It will ease chronic fatigue and depression.
Apache Tears
apache_tears Apache Tears are said to promote forgiveness and encourage compassion. This crystal works gently to dissolve long held grievances and will absorb negative energy.
apatite Apatite is often referred to as “The Dieters” Stone because it is believed to curb the appetite and raise the metabolism. Apatite increases motivation and builds up energy reserves. It has a positive energy that promotes independence and enhances creativity. It also can help with arthritis, osteoporosis and fractures.
aquamarine Aquamarine encourages spiritual growth, mediumistic qualities and clairvoyance. It encourages us to become honest, goal oriented and successful. It is a stone of courage teaching us to follow our path with a free spirit. It increases intellectual ability and assimilation of knowledge and is great for exam stress!. It brings us the energy of inspired perception, calm playfulness and encourages us to let go of anxiety and worry. It aids in balancing hormones, helps with fluid retention, migraine, hay fever, eyesight and immune systems.
Aventurine (Green)
aventurine_green Aventurine is a soothing, calming and positive stone. It gives us the perspective we need to search for different ways of achieving our goals. It promotes nurturing, self-acceptance and helps in preventing others from stealing our energy. It is a great crystal for calming stress, it brings prosperity into all areas  of our  lives helping us to trust the universe will always provide what we need. It clears our energy of fear making way for adventure and discovery. It can settle nausea and helps with asthma, allergies and panic. It can alleviate all heart and chest problems.
bloodstone Calming, grounding, revitalising, attracts wealth and boosts our confidence. It calms the mind and dispels confusion and helps revitalise if mentally exhausted. It brings calm when we are irritable and energy when we are tired. It is great for acute infections, detoxifying the blood and inflammation. It aids with the symptoms of flu, colds and strengthens immunity.
Calcite (Blue)
calcite_blue Soothes stress, lifts the spirits, helps bring serenity and calm, a great stone for recuperation and revitalisation. It is believed to lower blood pressure, ease anxiety and dispel negative emotions. Used on the throat chakra it will aid communication especially when there is conflict. It can dissolve pain especially lower back pain, ease sore throats and infections and is good to bring rest and recuperate after illness.
Calcite (Clear)
 calcite_clear Calcite calms the mind, enhances the memory and stimulates the intellect. It is a good stone to have in the area of study and it is said that just having calcite in the room with you is enough to boost energy levels and clear negativity and lethargy.
Calcite (Orange)
calcite_orange Orange Calcite helps with motivation, energy, enthusiasm and creativeness. It helps provide emotional stability and helps us to regain our trust in ourselves by increasing confidence and self- respect. It’s great for detoxifying and good for skin especially eruptions such as eczema and acne. It will stimulate the metabolism, lower cholesterol levels and can help us to keep our weight balanced.
carnelian Is warming and friendly. It inspires us to achieve but not at the cost of others. It dispels fear and apathy. It is like holding a sunset in your hand, it always makes you feel better. Creative and amiable it helps with depression and grief. It strengthens our decision making and resolve. Encourages imagination and artistic ability. Lower back problems, rheumatism, arthritis and fertility problems all benefit from Carnelian. It is good for fever, colds, allergies and hay fever.
celestite Celestite crystals aid you to contact your guardian angels. These crystals are a soft blue color and have a high vibration, that is excellent to use in meditation. Their energy is both calming and uplifting, and will aid contact with angels. The soft blue colour of these stones is delightful, and they are beautiful both physically and spiritually This crystal allows you access to the higher transpersonal chakras, and via the crown chakra you open the soul star chakra.
chrysoprase Chrysoprase helps to reduce depression, promotes wisdom, self-trust and confidence, encourages well-hidden problems to surface and psychological scars to heal. Balance the hormones, can help aid heart, liver function and skin problems and has a strong detoxifying effect on the whole body. It is great for allergies such as hay fever and relieves the symptoms of rheumatism, it can also help with sleep problems.
citrine Brings wealth and success helping us to be generous in all we do. It aids our concentration allowing us to focus fully on tasks, especially academic study. It shows us how we may be letting self- destructive behaviour hamper our wellbeing and happiness. It eases digestive problems, confusion and exhaustion. It alleviates stress, depression, phobias and anxiety. It has been known to help with symptoms of M.E. and chronic fatigue. It brings energy of self-confidence and optimistic happy thoughts. Beautiful sunny Citrine has lovely optimistic energy and will always raise your energy.
dumortierite Dumortierite promotes a positive attitude towards life. It imparts courage and trust, brings the energy of resilience and tolerance and encourages us to gain control over our lives. It is a great stone for alleviating stress and worry. It calms strong emotions and reduces frustrations and stubbornness. It can help with panic attacks, anxiety and claustrophobia. It can relieve headaches, sore throats, nausea and upset stomachs and cramp.
fluorite Fluorite colours range from coolest peppermint green through to lilac. Fluorite promotes mental clarity, improves concentration and overcome feelings of chaos. It aids us to be able to go with the flow of life and to cope with whatever happens. It shows us how to reorganise our lives and find inner calm and free spirit. It cleanses the body of toxins, infection, virus and helps with ulcers, osteoporosis and arthritis.
garnet Garnet is a powerfully energising healing crystal. It revitalises and balances energy levels, cleanses and balances chakras. It protects us against illness and injury removing negative energy from the chakras and attracting positive energy to us. It brings us good luck and new opportunities. It fortifies blood, the metabolic and immune system and encourages the absorption of nutrients.
goldstone The copper content of this stone is what gives it its sparkle and healing properties. Copper has a strong anti-inflammatory effect and has been used to help relieve the symptoms of arthritis, rheumatism and other painful joint conditions for many years. It gives us the zest of live and the courage to follow through, whatever challenges are put in our way. It helps us to learn to give and receive in relationships.
hematite Has a powerful grounding strength. It protects and shields us from the negative energy of others. It gives us courage to overcome self-destruction or obsessive behaviour and learn to love ourselves for who we are. It boosts will power and self-worth. It is good for stress, jet lag and improves memory helping us to concentrate. It helps anaemia and kidney problems. It purifies and oxygenates the blood, eases leg cramps and insomnia.
Howlite (White)
howlite_white Howlite is great for insomnia it aids deep and peaceful sleep. Calms the mind, soothes our emotions, neutralises anger and stress and promotes ambition. Its high calcium content helps all bones and teeth problems, balancing levels of calcium in the body. It is great for relieving muscular tension.
iolite Iolite activates the third eye and is used extensively in meditation, astral travel and for those seeking inner knowledge. It is a brilliant crystal to have when healing as it calms, strengthens and amplifies positive energies. It allows us to see the hidden depths in ourselves and others. It is the stone of revelation and encourages us to use our intuition. It will relieve headaches and insomnia. It eases malaria and fevers and is a natural pain killers and anti-inflammatory. It also can aid sleep.
jade Is a protective stone which is believed to keep the wearer from harm and to attract good luck and friendship. Jade is also a stone of wisdom, it helps you recognise who you are and spiritually it sets you on a journey of discovery and hidden knowledge. It can improve eye sight and eye disease and balance the metabolism. It clears wounds from infection, boosts the immune system and is good for skin and gives us stamina. It is also effective against kidney infections.
Jasper (Dalmation)
jasper_dalmation Used extensively in ancient cultures, Dalmation Jasper was used by Shamans for protection. It encourages loyalty and reliability, it teaches us the value of teamwork and allows us to see true from false, strengthening all our relationships. It will cleanse and energise the aura and keep us grounded. It helps digestive and bowel problems and IBS.
Jasper (Leopardskin)
jasper_leopardskin Leopardskin Jasper is a Shaman’s stone carrying wonderful earth energies that will help us to connect with the wisdom of the animal kingdom. It helps us to unite with and understand our own power animals and their meaning in our lives. It is the stone of renewal and regeneration it will make you feel younger and have more energy just by carrying it. It is also good for skin complaints and speeds up recovery from illness.
Jasper (Red)
jasper_red Red Jasper is stable and grounding with an underlying fiery warm earthy energy. It is very protective against negativity and has long been worn by shaman for this reason. It helps us to be aware of the responsibility we have for our own choices. It stimulates the imagination allowing us the energy and determination to see things through. It strengthens the circulatory system, helps the body deal with toxins protecting the liver and can help alleviate the symptoms of bronchitis.
Jasper (Yellow)
jasper_yellow Yellow Jasper brings reassurance, calms worries and protects especially against anger and hostility. It encourages us to stand up for ourselves and say no to others demands calmly and assertively. It gives us determination to achieve, helping us to lay strong foundations. It aids all stomach problems especially those caused by nerves and brings relief to indigestion and nausea, it also helps the liver and kidneys.
kunzite Kunzite is a very spiritual stone which radiates peace and love. A protective crystal that shields the aura, helping us to go with the flow of life. It brings emotional balance, encourages us to be empathic and helps those who are oversensitive to negativity. It eases heart problems, balances hormones and calms panic.
kyanite Helps to clear mental confusion, anger and frustration. Assists with clear reasoned thought and decision making. A very spiritual stone, helping to connect with the angelic realms and is extremely good for dream recall. Kyanite is an elevator of energy making it calming and excellent for meditation. It is healing for throat infections and thyroid problems, it is a natural pain reliever, lowers blood pressure and aids in weight loss.
labradorite A very good stone for psychic work and meditation, it has a protective spiritual energy that allows us to explore ourselves breaking down any barriers or illusion we may have. It is a stone of mystery and improves our perception making us more sensitive to energies. It raises our consciousness and encourages us to use our intuition. It helps to balance hormones encourages relaxing sleep, it alleviates eye disorders, gout, colds and lowers blood pressure. It can calm us through change.
Lapis Lazuli
lapis_lazuli Releases stress and brings understanding and serenity. It teaches you to sing the song of yourself and communicate honestly with all you meet. It will bring peace to conflict and shows choice where there seems none. It is a powerful crystal that will impart illumination and the wisdom to know what to do with it. It eases pain and vertigo, boosts immunity and lowers blood pressure. It helps with headaches, migraines, skin problems and inflammation.
larimar1 Larimar is a very spiritual stone, helping you to connect with the Atlantean realms. It is a very good emotional stabiliser which brings peace, tranquillity and calm. A beautiful blue turquoise stone contains both earth and higher spiritual energies helping us to find balance with ease. It aids meditation, clears blockages in chakras and is often used in reflexology to clear meridians. It draws pain from the body cooling inflammation.
lepidolite Lepidolite contains Lithium and as such is very good at stabilising mood swings and treating feelings of depression. It soothes all stress, encourages independence and stimulates the mind. It is one of the best crystals for depression and will aid sleep. It also aids allergies, sciatica, memory, joint problems and is good for the skin. It has a cheering uplifting energy.
malachite Beautiful green Malachite has a wonderful balancing and protective energy. It absorbs negative energy of all kinds from illness to radiation. It gives us a desire for knowledge, an ability to empathise, be quick thinking and use our imaginations. It also encourages change and lets us see how to transform our lives making decisions without doubt. It can aid restful sleep, toothache and cramp. It cleanses the aura and boosts our immunity. It is good for the heart and lungs and is great for protection when travelling especially if flying.
mookaite Imparts the desire to try new experiences, whilst providing calmness. It will bring strength and healing and aids us to be more flexible in our everyday fight for survival! It calms us so that we can take the right path as well as allowing us to be adventurous. It brings the energy of courage and vitality and also provides protection when we travel.
moonstone Promises the mystery and magic of new beginnings. It allows us to see our hidden talents and accept who we really are. It soothes and stabilises our emotions clearing tension and anxiety. It helps to strengthen our reproductive system, helps with PMS, childbirth and menopause, fluid retension and aids sleep. It aids those who suffer with nightmares, night terrors and sleepwalking. It increases assimilation of minerals and vitamins in the body. Moonstone is a crystal to make our wishes and dreams come true.
Obsidian (Black)
obsidian_black It is a powerful grounding and shielding stone. It will protect us from any negative energies especially those disapproving and damaging thoughts we can have about ourselves. It can also stop others from manipulating us and stealing our energy.. It also promotes creative abilities and helps us let go of our self-imposed limitations. It will assist us in seeing the cause of problems and disease.
Obsidian (Snowflake)
obsidian_snowflake Balances Yin and Yang energies and allows us to centre ourselves effectively. It calms the thoughts and teaches us to value our experiences. It can help to dissolve shock, trauma, relieve tension and lets us detach from problems and to be more objective. It is great for circulation. It eases problems with veins and fortifies the bones.
Peacock Ore
peacock_ore It is a wonderful stone for giving direction in life, the iron content makes it useful for treatment of circulatory problems. It is a stone of happiness and joy, it brings the ability to be grateful for all that we have. It also aids us to utilise our knowledge wisely and helps us to develop on our spiritual path. It can reduce swelling and also with feelings of grief and loss. It is great for boosting confidence.
petalite Petalite is used for all spiritual work with the Angelic realms, for meditation, spiritual development and to enhance psychic ability, connection with spirit guides and for peace and gentle calm. It has a gentle but powerful energy that is protective, calming and soothing and teaches us to be flexible in all that we do. It has been used to help with the symptoms of cancer and aids. It stimulates cellular renewal and is good for cleansing the lungs, it can be white, grey, pink or yellow and colourless.
prehnite The stone of unconditional love and the crystal to heal the healer, to protect the aura from negativity. A good Feng Shui stone that both calms and aids in letting go of unnecessary possessions. Helps with nightmares, phobias and deep seated fear. Encourages analytical thinking and also acceptance and insight. It helps with heart issues both physical and emotional.
Quartz (Clear)
quartz_clear It contains all the colours which make it a powerful healer at all levels. It amplifies positive energy allowing clear focus, strength and optimism to flourish. It harmonizes all around it bringing balance, raising negative vibrations and dispelling lethargy. Clear Quartz is the master healer and will help with any challenge we have, whether it be to mind, body or spirit.
Quartz (Rose)
quartz_rose It is a great comfort crystal. It helps us accept, forgive and love ourselves and others unconditionally. It soothes and calms emotions. It gives us inner peace in any kind of conflict. It conveys reassurance, self worth and calms stress brilliantly. Its healing energy eases heart complaints, helps with the pain of burns, blisters and lowers blood pressure. It is also the best crystal for children especially when they struggle with self worth.
rhodonite Brings generosity of spirit. It allows us to forgive all the past hurts and resentments. It shows us new ways to support and heal ourselves especially when we feel let down or betrayed. It is a brilliant crystal for healing differences, arguments and disputes of any kind. It protects from negativity, unkindness and spitefulness. It helps with our memory, panic attacks, shock. It is good for healing scars and cuts and to ease the symptoms of stomach ulcer and multiple sclerosis.
selenite Selenite is a stone of “deep peace”. It is calming stone and very good for meditation and spiritual work. It is said to carry ancient knowledge and has a very delicate vibration which aids in expanding our mental and spiritual awareness. It clears confusion, stabilises emotions and allows us to be more flexible in our approach to life It aids the regeneration of cells, is good for the skin, strengthens the spine. It is good for clearing negativity in a room, bringing peace and quiet to any environment.
sodalite Calms and clears the mind allowing us to see things the way they really are rather than how we would want them to be. It shows us how to rationally and logically use our intuition without doubting it. It helps with insomnia and balances the metabolism. It will help the immune system to protect against infection and bring inner stillness especially when feeling stressful emotions.
sunstone Lets us see the bright side of life acting as a dazzling intuitive light. It is a great self-empowerment stone combating lack of motivation and low esteem. It will raise your spirits just by looking at it. It is an anti-depressant and good for seasonal affective disorder. It helps with general aches and pains and stomach problems. It is a stone of motivation.
tektite_rough Tektites are “out of this world”… they are said to be formed from the impact of large meteorites with the earth’s surface. They bring us powerful energy which encourages growth and development. They show us how to let go of fears of the future, to move forward with confidence. They protect and strengthen the energy field, accelerate healing especially from infectious diseases and aid circulation.
Tigers Eye
tigers_eye Keeps our feet on the ground by showing us how to achieve our dreams through setting realistic goals. It teaches us to overcome the fear of not being good enough. It enables us to take responsibility we need and it gets the creative adrenalin going. It helps those with eating disorders and addictions. Gives a logical and positive way. It bestows super confidence!!
Tourmaline (Rough Black)
rough black tourmaline Rough Black Tourmaline deflects any negative, dense energy transforming it into positive light healing energy. Keep one by your phone, tv and computer as it protects against radiation. It allows us to meet new challenges and change by changing our fear into confidence giving us faith in ourselves and our ability to cope. It also helps with recuperation after operations and eases the symptoms of Chemotherapy. It is a great pain reliever and black tourmaline also has a strong protective energy.
turquoise It is a very good purifying stone. It helps to release negative energies, calms the nerves and as it works well on the throat chakra – is good for public speaking. It brings the energy of freedom and openness. It encourages us to be imaginative, self-questioning and communicate clearly. Turquoise will help with relaxing, tranquillity, independence, self-esteem, boosting your immunity. It fights infection especially septic conditions.
unakite It is a gentle grounding stone, an imparter of information especially about our past and how it could be effecting us now. It promotes harmonious relationships, both love and business. It triggers the bodies self-healing process. It assists during pregnancy, birth and improves communication with young children. It is a great stone for balancing the heart and to accept ourselves just as we are.

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