Crystals and Crystal Healing Level 1 Glastonbury

What a great weekend with 7 new students starting their crystal journey of discovery. Congratulations to you all.

21st January 2019

Dragon Classes in Glastonbury and Bournemouth (Two Hearts Beat As One)

What magical workshops in the 2 locations. It is amazing how the Dragons connect with their guardians, so many different experiences. Thanks to all twenty of you for attending and making it such a powerful workshop and such happy days.  We cannot wait to hear about your continued journeys and how the Dragons will change…

10th December 2018

Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 Practitioner Class Oswestry

Congratulations to 11 new Angelic Reiki Practitioners in Oswestry. It was a great class and we loved seeing the transformation in your energies. Thanks to each and everyone of you for making it so special. Love and blessings Neil and Zena xx

28th November 2018

Angelic crystal Reiki™ Practitioners class in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 5 more Angelic Crystal Reiki™ Practitioners who have been attuned to work with Crystals and their healing Angels. It was great to work with you all and to hear your feedback on the healing. Blessings to you all xxx

11th November 2018

Spirit Quest May 2018 Texas

What a magical trip, 13 classes so much learning and empowerment. Thanks to everyone who attended.

5th November 2018

Atlantean Healing™ Practitioners in Glastonbury

Congratulations to 8 new Atlantean Practitioners, it was a great weekend, magical healing and more.

4th November 2018

Angelic Mediumship™ Retreat, Glastonbury.

What a magical 3 days we had at the Chalice Well, Glastonbury. 13 people attended and made a heart connection with the Well and the gardens. We are so honored to be working with our Angelic guides for mediumship. Congratulations to everyone it was so wonderful to allow Crystal Heaven to become part of your…

2nd November 2018

Angelic Crystal Reiki™ at the Angel Office, Wrexham

Congratulations to 8 new Angelic Crystal Reiki™ Practitioner. It was a wonderful class in the Angel Office, Wrexham. We wish to thank John and his team for taking care of us. The healing went to another level with the Synthesis crystals. Cannot wait to hear your feedback when working with clients. If you are interested…

10th September 2018

Atlantean Healing Practitioners Oswestry

Congratulations to 6 new Atlantean Healing Practitioners. Wonderful class connecting back to Atlantis and the Golden Age.

Crystal Skull evening at Oswestry

Thanks to all that attended this evening, it was great to meet your Skulls and to connect to such powerful energy.

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