White Jade Crystal Galactic Skull with Green Eyes (M61)

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White Jade Crystal Galactic Skull with Green Eyes (M61)

50mm x 40mm x 40mm  Weight 137g

Jade comes in many colours with white, Green and Yellow being common. Jade crystal meaning can support prosperity across all areas of your life, this green stone is especially well-suited to support intentions related to wealth, financial abundance, and success. Its lucky energy and vibrant colour both empower you to attract new financial possibilities and take action toward achieving your goals. Whether you are calling in wealth in the form of money or a new career opportunity, the Jade crystal stone  has the energy you need to manifest your intentions and turn your dreams into reality. Jade crystal is a superstar in the world of crystal healing thanks to its powerful connection to the heart chakra and its varying degrees of intense, piercing shades of green. When it comes to bringing prosperity and abundance into your life, the Jade crystal meaning is the ultimate good luck charm. But not just for wealth intentions, working with Jade can support every area of your life.  Whether you are looking for a flourishing love life, thriving health, or financial success.  The Jade crystal is also known as the stone of eternal youth, which makes it a go-to gemstone for facial treatments. keep Jade close by and have your own Fountain of Youth at your fingertips. After applying your favourite moisturizer or facial serum, use a over your skin to reduce puffiness, drain the lymphatic system, and increase blood circulation–all the things that are needed to create that fresh-faced goddess glow. The Jade meaning is associated with its powerful ability to reduce tension in the facial muscles, which makes it an excellent beauty aid.



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