Selenite Yin Yang Plate (M3)

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Selenite Yin Yang Plate (M3)

105mm x 105mm x 12mm   Weight 266g  

Spiritual healers will recommend meditating while holding a selenite crystal. This allows for a conscious and focused practice that ensures you are hyper-receptive to the positive influence of its high vibration. Meditation, while being an exercise in clearing the mind, It is an active investment in the restoration of your energy field. associated with mental clarity and divine inspiration.

As a shifter of stagnant energy, selenite clears these higher chakras of any blockages – conscious or unconscious – that you may be experiencing. In doing so, you become receptive to messages from the universe that will aid you in your journey of personal growth and self-exploration.

It should be noted that in order for your higher chakras to be open to the flow of new energies, your heart chakra must be a clear gateway. Thus, selenite also works to remedy and cleanse any matter of the heart.

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