Pyrite Ball (G40)

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Pyrite Ball (G40)

Size 54mm   Weight 288g  

Pyrite is the crystal of protection, offering an energetic shield that safeguards your mind, body and spirit against negative forces. The pyrite stone brings energetic shelter as well as motion to old, stagnant thoughts and patterns.

Being around this metallic gem will enable you to pursue your dreams without being fettered by people or vibrations that bring you down. Pyrite loves to unblock stagnant energy, and always aims to defend you against darkness.

ften, people who are struggling with a creative block will use fool’s gold as a supportive stone for clearing their energetic channels and welcoming release. Artists, dreamers, and creative individuals are the most likely to benefit from the influence of pyrite.

Some people also believe that pyrite may be used to improve memory, regulate the circulatory system, and encourage healthy leadership skills.



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