Orange Dolomite Crystal Merlin (J16)

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Orange Dolomite Crystal Merlin (J16)

115mm x 55mm x 40mm . Weight is 189g.

olomite occurs as white, colourless, pink, grey, orange, green, or brown stones. The stones lustre is pearly to vitreous to dull. The crystals are translucent to transparent. The lustre of this stone is pearly to vitreous to dull.Dolomite has been used to aid PMS, oxygenation of the lungs and cell structure, also to strengthen the bones, teeth and muscles. It aids with problems of the reproductive system, adrenal glands and genital system.​
This stone helps the physical body metabolise calcium thereby easing osteoporosis, broken bones, tooth and jaw diseases.  It is also good for those who lack resourcefulness and have a fear of failure.

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