Introduction to Etheric Crystal Energy – Past Zoom – Stream / Download

£ 25.00



Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop as a download. On purchase you will receive a link where you can choose to stream or download the recorded session.

Introduction to Etheric Crystal Energy

In this Zoom we will introduce you to the energy of Etheric Crystals and what we call the Oversoul energy. We will show you how today with the raised vibration we can once again connect to crystals through pictures and our intent.  We will show you how Lemurians would call on the Etheric energy of a specific crystal and call it forward to work with it.

Today we call this the Oversoul or Soul of that particular type or group of crystals. By working in this way if you have a physical picture or one in your mind of a crystal or maybe you forgot to bring out the crystals that you need that day, it is still possible to bring the crystalline energy into your Etheric body, so that you can receive healing, protection or support from them.

The workshop will include:
  • What is your Etheric Body
  • What are the 4 body levels
  • How to connect to your Crystalline guide
  • Etheric Crystals for healing
  • Etheric Crystals for Protection
  • Etheric Crystals for Grounding