Green Opal Crystal Skull (k19)

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Green Opal Crystal Skull (k19)

120mm x 95mm x 75mm  Weight 1070

Green opal is a stunning, beautiful, and powerful gemstone that people of all ages prefer. However, people mostly choose this stone for its innate beauty and distinct properties. Especially, people who are looking for positive energy quite often select this stone in their collection. Though this beautiful stone is widely available, it is still considered a rare and precious gemstone. It is found in 6 continents of the world.

Green Opal resembles love, harmony, loyalty, peace, consciousness and faithfulness. It is an emotional gemstone that mirrors the mental state or mood of the wearer. It escalates emotions and releases suppression. This gem uplifts both freedom and supremacy. It also intensifies cosmic responsiveness and persuades psychic and mystical visions. It restores originality and creativity. It strengthens memory.

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