Dragon Leyline Activation – Past Zoom – Stream / Download

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Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop as a download. On purchase you will receive a link where you can choose to stream or download the recorded session.

The Dragons are With us!

The time has come for us to work side by side with our Dragons and to connect to the Earths energy grids that circle the globe. We need to open and energize these leylines (Dragon Lines) many of which connect to important sacred sites such as Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, Macchu Picchu, Mount Everest, Ayers Rock and Many more

Why is it important to work with these leylines ?

The Dragon realms first appeared on mother Earth in Lemuria and they have always been in service to humanity and Mother Earth. They assisted the Ancient civilizations grow spiritually, but importantly they assisted the Earth also to grow and the Leylines are seen by many as the Veins of Mother Earth.

Over History many of these energy lines have become clogged or blocked by time and when the Dragons started to re- appear in 2012 one of their roles was to open these lines of Ascension once more so that Earth could fully breath and grow once more.

We wish to connect you to your own Dragon and show you that they are in-fact creatures of the light and of a high vibration.

The time is now, and it is important that your assist your Dragon through the Heart connection to link to a leyline or sacred site. Focusing the transforming dragon flame energy on this location.

In fact  when we work with these Dragons in this way it assists to create a stronger heart connection between you and the Dragon.                                .

This workshop will open your heart and connect you to your own Celestial Dragon who is waiting to work with you.

The workshop will also include:

  • The Lore and Lure of Dragons
  • Connecting to your Dragon for service work
  • Some of the Ancient Sites and which one is calling you
  • Journeying to those sites and how to link in
  • Connecting your Heart and your Dragons Heart to create a transforming and Activating Colour Flame
  • Opening the Leyline Grid and continuing the work
  • Manifesting positive change with Dragon