Connecting to the Crystal Skulls Meditation Download

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The Crystal Skulls are considered to be one of the world’s greatest mysteries.Since the 19th century, a number of these special treasures have been discovered around ruins of ancient civilizations. Now as we have entered the 21st Century, their origins continue to be unknown as well as who made them and why. Today for those who have made contact with crystal skulls, have found that their lives have changed profoundly, including ourselves. This is why we felt it was time to share with you the wonder and beauty of connecting with these magical energies.

  1. Are You Destined to be a Guardian ? (6.51)
  2. The Story of Jessie (10.42)
  3. Meditation to Activate and Connect to your Crystal Skull (21.00)
  4. Self Healing (5.51)
  5. Distant Healing (2.45)
  6. Self Protection (3.50)
  7. Protection for Others (2.25)
  8. Meditation to Connect to the Crystal Skull Collective (17.00)