Collaboration of the Crystal Skulls Series – Part 3 – Crystal Skull Channelling, Higher Knowledge and Working with the Collective – Past Zoom – Stream / Download

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Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this Zoom Workshop as a download. On purchase you will receive a link where you can choose to stream or download the recorded session.

Collaboration of the Crystal Skulls series of Zooms

Wednesday 20th September  Crystal skull channelling and higher knowledge and working with the collective.

Crystal skulls are a doorway to higher consciousness, they have the ability to share with us knowledge.

In this zoom we will look at how we can receive information for ourselves and others through channelling.

We often forget that the crystal skulls have come into our lives to assist our soul with the journey of being human.

But what do our Crystal Skull need from us! Many are not aware that it is a 2-way street, the more we work with our Crystal skulls the more we receive.

We will show you how to link with them in a beautiful oneness so that you can receive guidance. We will also discuss the Collective and how linking with Ancient as well as modern carved skulls can bring amazing results and understanding to our personal.

Topics that will be covered include.

Merging with our Crystal Skulls

Opening doorways and portals of higher knowledge

Multi-Dimensional travel with the Crystal Skulls

Manifesting the future.

The Crystal Skull Collective

These are just a few of the topics that will be covered