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Crystal Skull Consciousness (Guardians Of The Light) Class (FULL CLASS) (Waiting List in place)

March 23 - March 24, 2024

Crystal Skull Consciousness (Guardians Of The Light) Class

(Free Class to anyone who has attended any online or in person class with Crystal Heaven. (Places are limited so do complete a booking form)

All of humanity shares the light, however this light has always been battling the Dark. Humanity needs both light and dark to exist. However, humanity has been experiencing bigger waves of darkness over recent years. The only distinction is that there are some people who are open enough to recognize what the situation is for themselves and for humanity, and then there are many more who do not. But whether it’s acknowledged, it is present.

We must surround and guard the function of the Light and bring it into all that we do so that emanates from that deep place within.

The Light doesn’t need your protection to exist. The eternal reality of our Being is doing fine without it. But for it to work in our own experience and in our world, we must cherish it. We must be a guardian of the light for ourselves and all of humanity.

We don’t have to go to heaven and guard the light up there. We are guardians of the light within ourselves. That’s what a wise person knows and what a wise person does.

However, at this amazing time of change we are not alone, there are many spiritual sources that we can call on to assist us with the Light.

Many of you will be aware that Crystal Heaven have for some time been channelling and bringing forward various teachings with Crystal Skulls, in the form of Human, Galactic and Dragon.

This has led us to understand a strong message that these groups are also stepping up as Guardians of The Light, and 2024 is a pivotal year to bring back the higher forces of light that we will need as we move ahead into the Golden Age ahead.

We all have choices to either step up and become Guardians of the light or to become a Guardian of the Wounded and to stay in the Dark.  We can no longer wonder ignorant to the World around us.

We are aware of many master’s in history that have stepped forward with the light. It is now time that you step into your Own Mastery as a Guardian of Light with the Crystal Skull Consciousness.

This Crystal Skull Consciousness (Guardian of Light Class), is Free for anyone who has attended either an online or in person class with Crystal Heaven. We will continue our light work with Human Shaped Crystal Skulls, Galactic Crystal Skulls and Dragon Crystal Skulls.

Crystal Skulls for some time have been the focus of higher knowledge, however 2024 is the year of light, and so we must tap into the Crystalline light of all the skulls the Cosmic light Galactic Energies and Dragon light Energies have increased in multiple levels.

In 2023 it was the realisation that these 3 groups are now working together. In 2024 collaboration is still required, however we must become part of that Collaboration as Guardians of the Light. We must assist in taping into more levels of and holding this light for all to find their way, almost as if we are human lighthouses.

Our aim is to guide you to a deeper more profound level of understanding. We will Show you new ways to connect and to merge with all their energies. We will discover the triple Frequency and Vibration links, working with healing, protection, and light.

Working with all our Crystal Skulls can also bring a profound understanding of our light path in this lifetime as well as our future lives as we connect through the Skulls to our own multiverse blueprint. This in turn will assist to pull down more Cosmic light from the Star nations that have assisted humanity and Mother Earth since the beginning of time. Crystal Skulls, we believe can be a gateway to all the light from all nations, all we must do is tune in.

The Consciousness is expanding to new levels, and we must expand with it.

It is time for all of us to awaken as 4 come together as one to remove the separation of the light knowledge and help others to reach a deeper connection to their own crystal skulls.

Are you ready to step up as a Guardian of Light.?

We are so excited to facilitate this multiverse collaboration and light class to help others raise their vibration and also to bring together a gathering of likeminded individuals and Crystal Skulls

Some of the Topics that will be covered include :

Connecting to the 3 Crystal Skulls, Dragon, Human and Galactic.
Crystal Skull Auras and making a Light link
Linking the triple crystal consciousness
Healing with the triple Frequency of light and Vibration through the Crystal Skulls
Linking to the multi-dimensional Collective of Crystal Skulls
Channelling light through the dimensions of the Crystal Skulls

Working with the New Angelic Sentinels of Light Skulls
Crystal Skull consciousness Yantra of Light grids

Crystal Skull Unified Global light
Collective Crystal Skull light healing of the Chakras and Aura…
These are just a few of the topics that will be covered.

Certificates will be issued.

Workshop Location & Timings

Date: Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th March 2024
Time: 10:00 – 17.30 on Saturday and 9.30 – 16.30 Sunday
Venue: The Gables, 83 The Roman Way, Glastonbury

Glastonbury is an ideal location for those based in Bridgwater, Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare, Bath and Bristol

Booking Information

(Free Class to anyone who has attended an online or in person class with Crystal Heaven. (Places are limited so do complete a booking form)


(FULL CLASS) (Waiting List in place for places)

Light refreshments will be supplied, however you will need to bring your own lunch.



Mar 23 @ 10:00 am
Mar 24 @ 4:30 pm
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Crystal Heaven
07887 404440
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The Gables,
83 The Roman Way,
Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 8AD United Kingdom
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