Crystal Skull Guardian workshop in Glastonbury

Crystal Skull Guardian workshop in Glastonbury


Are You Destined To Be
The Guardian Of These Crystal Skulls? 

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Well done to everyone

There are thousands of skulls made from different crystals, sizes, styles and prices. Choosing the right skull for you should not be difficult

Becoming a guardian of a particular Crystal Skull may be a calling – it may be a pre-destined event – and it may occur for reasons one may not consciously know or logically explain.

A true crystal skull guardian has entered into an ethereal agreement that is perhaps of a karmic nature as well. Crystal skulls themselves tend to choose and call their guardians. If you feel called to be the guardian of a significantly powerful crystal skull, it is likely to help you find the means to adopt it. No matter what the price, where there is a will, there is often a way.

If you are guided to a small Skull, do not think that you are gaining less than what you need as size is not what matters it is what you need at that time for your own development. It could be considered that “you are given” as the skull has choosen you.

Powerful crystal skulls can be great amplifiers of intention: they can help you manifest what you desire, access higher dimensions of wisdom and knowledge, and raise your own consciousness as well as that of the collective – they may also be profoundly healing. These crystal skulls can be a great ally and powerful tool, particularly during these times and the global changes ahead.

While you can simply purchase a crystal skull and become its guardian, there are certain significant crystal skulls where the process may be more of a selection – where there is a knowing on both parts that you are the new guardian and not simply a crystal skull collector. That is why sometimes prices on these crystal skulls take a secondary role to whom the crystal skull is meant to serve.