Neil & Zena

Neil and Zena Hammond are Angelic Lightworkers, Angel Mediums, Angelic Reiki and Usui Masters/Teachers, Atlantean Healing ™ Master /Teachers and Crystal Healing Master/Teachers. Founders of the Divine Lightworker program, Angel Therapists™,  Atla-Ra Priesthood training as well as being Ordained Ministers. They teach a combination of Healing workshops as well as ascension classes in the UK and abroad

We have been together for more than 27 years; we set up our holistic business Crystal Heaven in the UK in 2009. We offer healing and Teaching across all of the UK and Internationally. Teaching over 40 different classes.

Our journey started in the Mid 90’s when we were drawn to visit various ancient and spiritual sites across the UK and the world, including Stonehenge, Avebury, Glastonbury, Tintagel, Machu Picchu in Peru, Chitza Nitza in Mexico, Luxor in Egypt, We also had a passion for Lemuria and Atlantis, understanding that they had both had a number of lifetimes working with the light. We understood that we were meant to empower others and that we were being pushed to reconnect to techniques from the past.

It wasn’t until 2008 when we started to be drawn to Angels and Crystals, we were reading every book we could and collected Crystals to have around us. We saw an advertisement in a spiritual Magazine inviting people to an Angel evening, so we decided to go and following that evening we just knew that this was the path that we must take.

We continued to go to workshops and we had various readings done for us including a number of Past life Regressions which answered so many questions. Both of us have had Spiritual past lives as priest / priestesses working with the Angelic kingdom .

Over the years we have continued to work with the Angels and Crystals and bring the energies of both in to our lives as well as others. We have studied deeply the esoteric knowledge and worked increasingly with the whole spiritual hierarchy to continue our growth and the growth of others and to bring new ways of working for healing and ascension.

Our mission is to help you to heal and guide you towards the life you really desire through self empowerment, we are non-judgmental and caring and every class and individual is treated with respect, honour and confidentiality. We have been continually guided to create new ways of working with beings of light and crystals and have launched many new practitioner classes.

We are very please to be Platinum training providers for the International organisation called the IICT and many of the classes we teach are accredited by them.

We moved in 2018 to Glastonbury to set up our home and build our future.

“As intention is everything this is ours: We are here to do our best to help you heal, grow and learn  about the universe you are  living in and to realize your own true self.” To empower you to your highest and brightest potential as a spiritual being, existing in a physical body!

LIVE   LEARN    LOVE      Our Courses – View information on our many workshops including Crystals and Crystal Healing, Atlantean Healing Angelic Reiki, Crystal Skulls, Dragons, Starbeings and Priesthood training, from beginner to Master or Teacher level. Courses run regularly across the UK and occasionally in Europe and the USA.

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