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Hi you two lovely people,

    Just wanted to share something with you both. I shared this with our Spring, TX Reiki group about 2 months ago.

   When you were here before (not the last, before that), we picked a stone and did a meditation with it. The stone I picked helped with understanding death during childbirth. My guides wanted me to pick that particular stone. At the time, my thoughts went like this: I haven’t experienced a miscarriage, or death during childbirth (hummm). Got the stone. Did the meditation.  Now here’s the interesting part. I have 2 brothers, twins, both died. One born dead, one died 5 days later. This happened 2 years before my birth so I never really knew them. They were born the same month as I was, just 2 years earlier.  In the meditation, my soul was one of the twins that chose to not stay in this plane. I felt all the mothers grief of this loss (my mother’s grief). Now I understand why I’ve always felt connected to the twins but never really knew them. It took quite an integration period for my to put all this information together and I really needed to “sit” with all I was told and given during the meditation.

It explains to me how soul families incarnate together. My soul and that twin brother are one soul.

  Anyway, I don’t really know how to write this as an example of the experiences and informtion happens to come through in your classes. But if you feel inclined to use it, please feel free to do so.  There have been many times I have gotten information that I just needed to take time to integrate and “sit” with and I seem to do lots of releasing every time: my voice always seem to be clear about lots of releasing and letting go.

  You make such a big contribution and difference every time I take your classes. I thank you from the heart.

Cathy Gigout 24th October 2019

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When I was introduced to Neil & Zena of , Crystal Heaven, I was at the end of a very rough chapter that I had been healing from and was finally at a place of refreshing and reflection. I took many spiritual healing certification courses leading up to that moment. I was wanting more education but also more self healing was needed. I was drawn to their demeanor of how people spoke about them. Then I took a class…then another and another. They were the perfect pair of educators that I have ever had on my journey by far. They are professional but kind and caring. No wonder they have so many loyal souls that respect and cherish them. They have earned that place by being amazing humans and educators. I finally had a place I could talk about my experiences without being told I belong in an institution, lol. Then, you get to meet like minded people from all over. That’s one of the best parts. I’m not that sociable but I am learning has I continue to heal from past abuse. The main course I have taken was their Angelic Reiki Classes. They are knowledgeable and helpful through every step but also laid back and entertaining. Makes it easy for a shy person to open up and learn more. The materials are as detailed as you can get and they do provide plenty of information for you to not only learn from what they are educating you on but to also provide you with enough information that you can do your own research and decide for yourself on how much and how far you want to believe (in any subject). It has been a couple years since I have taken the Angelic Reiki Master class and ever since, I have used what they provided and taught and mixed it with all my other education to create my very own protocol of how I practice healing sessions with my clients. I have grown from the first day of barely muttering my first introduction to them and fellow classmates to now. If you don’t use any course you take professionally, you will use it personally so no class is ever unused. The benefits of healing yourself to help open another chapter with more ease is just as rewarding. Thank you Neil & Zena for helping to guide me into other open doors with less fear and more hope…and more spiritual tools ♥️

Amara Izabella 23rd October 2019

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What a magical class, thank you Neil and Zena. Wow!!! I am forever grateful.  The knowledge you shared this trip was priceless. Can’t wait for your next trip to further explore the Akashic Records, Soul Journey and more.

Marita Shaw 21st October 2019

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If you wish to open up to your spiritual journey, these are the teachers and space to do it in. I felt truly safe and supported. The Angels surround this beautiful team and they will show you what is in your highest best and provide guidance. I can’t emphasize how hard it has been to find the right environment where I felt protected yet opened up spiritually. Super amazing team!  You won’t regret taking classes with Neal and Zena if ascension is what you’re seeking! Thank you from the bottom of my heart always ❤️🙏😇

Juanita Martin 21st October 2019

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I have just experienced the most beautiful workshop on Dragons. Neil and Zena guided us through amazing mediations, ceremonies and encounters with these wonderful beings. Feeling very blessed. Thank you both so much xx

Dee Ploszkay 30th July 2019

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I would love to convey my appreciation for the above Workshop … for me I could have carried on for more days, I absolutely was very fortunate with the Attunement.  The person I was paired up with was nicely surprised by the strength, which I could really feel as well.  The Healing for the World made my cry, no not joy but the pain of the people living in the East, maybe because I am initiated into an Asian Temple where I used to live. 

Neil and Zena’s delivery of this entire workshop was Superb.  There was so much giving from them both I really recommend even if you just want to give a little bit more Healing to the World than you do already, Neil and Zena will help you do it with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame. And of course, think about your own Healing and the ones you love.

Sharon Thomas 18th July 2019

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I so enjoyed this wonderful 2 days so much, I am so feeling like ‘love in my heart’ and happiness flowing in and around me which I just know is because of All the Workshops and Retreat of Angelic Mediumship in the past 6 months or so.  I feel a deep connection like maybe ‘what’ has been missing from my life to be honest is really entering back in, a long time I have waited.  This Crystals weekend has been a lovely ‘eye opening’ experience for me, I feel alive and good about a lot of areas in my life.  Really a great Big Thank You Both, lovely, great teaching and assistance throughout.  Looking forward to my next Workshop.

Sharon Thomas, Bournemouth 1st July 2019

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I cannot recommend this workshop highly enough. I have loved and found of immense value all of the workshops and retreats I have attended with Neil and Zena.

I had such a strong connection with the star beings and my experience was more vivid than with any other workshop I have attended.

I am used to working with angels but I’m so delighted to have been given the tools and knowledge to connect with star beings.

Gaynor Callaghan 18th June 2019

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Hi guys, just wanted to thank you so much for the incredible Angelic mediumship course on May 25th weekend at Chalice Well. It has changed my life in so many good ways, including some surprises from the Angels.

I have recommended your courses to others at work.

Caroline W 4th June 2019

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I have attended many different workshops & classes presented by Crystal Heaven and they never disappoint. Highly informative, life changing, and magical! Neil & Zena are genuinely gifted, and teach with such wonderful enthusiasm and passion.

The workshops provide the most inspiring shifts & growth. Upon returning from the latest workshop, Unicorns and Your Soul Energy, to my amazement Unicorn figurines were on the shelves all around my workspace at the crystal shop. Such a beautiful confirmation! I am truly grateful to Neil and Zena for opening the door!!

Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer 4th June 2019

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Cathleen Burns 18th April 2019

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Thank you both for a super workshop. I feel I finally have something practical I can actually put into practice and it totally matches a vision I saw of Lemurian healing! And thank you for the attachment on Mount Shasta.

Love & light blessings

Sarah x

Sarah C 18th February 2019

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Hi Zena, Neil

Just wanted to send a little note of thanks to you both for such an amazing weekend of Crystals.  I am feeling so excited and much more confident about working with crystals now.  I love how you teach with such compassion and understanding, thank you so very much.

Feeling “plugged in” and ready to go!!!!

Love and hugs

Viv  xx    ?

Viv Nash 11th February 2019

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Neil and Zena are by far the most credible honest loving and healing teachers in their spiritual classes .I have been to many types of classes and by far i think these two individuals are the very best .They really know what they are doing and make the environment and experience very safe and comfortable for individuals on the spiritual path to learn and grow in their gifting .Neil and Zena are very organized and well prepared for their students.They are in my opinion the real deal and i have enjoyed doing angelic reiki 1 and 2 with them in hoston texas this week and plan to do many more classes with them in the usa and uk.I highly recommend these teachers

Paula Edge 15th January 2019

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I attended a Dragon workshop on sat 8th dec and found it to be very well put together, informative, welcoming and friendly. I would recommend their courses and will definitely be attending more in the future. Thank you Zena and Neil.

Annette Blann 15th January 2019

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I attended a Dragon workshop on sat 8th dec and found it to be very well put together, informative, welcoming and friendly. I would recommend their courses and will definitely be attending more in the future. Thank you Zena and Neil.

Annette Blann 11th December 2018

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Having completed Angelic Reiki, A Crystal Skull ? workshop, Angel Aura Spray & fabulous Dragon ? workshop today in Glastonbury, I thoroughly recommend them for spiritual development courses. Wonderful Earth Angels! X

Crystal Rose 9th December 2018

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I have just attended the Dragon Workshop with the most talented, loving and caring teachers, Neil and Zena. It was a truly fabulous day connecting and working with the beautiful, powerful dragons.

I couldn’t wait to share how good it was and am already working with it and looking forward to using it more in the future and experiencing the energy that these beautiful beings have to offer us.

Thank you once again to Neil and Zena. You are wonderful teachers and friends. Love you both xxxx

Dilys Bates 8th December 2018

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I have completed many courses with Crystal Heaven (Neil and Zena) and loved them all. They are truly gifted and such humble people, they walk their talk, very professional but loving and gentle too. I feel honored to have been part of so many courses, workshops and recently a retreat in Glastonbury. You deserve every success as you bring so much love and joy into everybody’s lives, thank you Earth Angels xx ??

Claire Brooks 6th December 2018

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Events I have attended several workshops and retreats run by Neil and Zena of crystal heaven and I plan to attend more in the future.

They are knowledgeable and authentic. Their workshops and retreats are well organised, informative, interesting and fun. They are both spiritual and down to earth all at once. They are extremely professional and incredibly kind.

I have learnt so much from them which has helped me on my spiritual path. People return again and again to attend workshops and retreats with them because we all get so much from them. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone thinking of trying a workshop or retreat. They work so well together and they are beautiful souls.

Gaynor Callaghan 25th November 2018

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Zena and Neil are two of my most favorite teachers, and on my journey through Angelic Reiki they were outstanding. The encouragement and the energy from them made you want to come back for more and I did, and it was an even better experience.

The time with them would be filled with such beautiful learning experiences, and you would come away from the workshop days feeling so much more than just uplifted, and more than just “I’ve learnt something new,” it’s always a lot deeper. I have recommended them to many people who want to learn some of their other courses and workshops, and I would love to work with them again when it’s the right time for me once more.

Zena and Neil are incredibly patient with peoples learning styles, really thoughtful about how to apply and approach people’s own growth and how to support them before and after they leave the space, which I haven’t had before from teachers, which is why I chose to go back, because I felt the standard of learning I received was from some of the greatest teachings they impart.


Thank you for all you do Zena and Neil xxx


Clare Sophia Voyant 25th November 2018

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I have had the privilege of attending both Violet flame workshops in Houston Texas with Neil and Zena. I use the modality frequently when doing home clearings, in person and especially remotely. Neil and Zena are compassionate and authentic instructors who take joy in sharing spiritual knowledge and enlightenment with the world! I reccomend them to all, regardless of the subject!

Kat Burson 25th November 2018

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This is a very special course which could have been very difficult to deliver as it deals with a delicate subject. Neil and Zena delivered it with the right amount of seriousness and humour. There are many areas covered which make you think (things you probably wouldn’t have ever thought of) and also areas that give you the tools to help others or yourself  before, during and after this inevitable time of your life. Another stepping stone on life’s path that I would recommend you take as it is equally informative and reassuring and I’m very grateful I got the chance to do it. ???

Gillian Green 25th November 2018

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I had the wonderful fortune of completing both my Angelic Reiki 1&2 and then Angelic 3&4 with Neil and Zena. These were incredible life changing experiences for me, made so through the energy and support of these 2 amazing souls!

Karen Humphries 24th November 2018

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I have attended several retreats with Neil and Zena, each one has been incredible.

In addition I have built up my business by gradually doing courses to advanced and Master Levels in Crystal Healing, Atlantean Healing and Angelic Reiki, each has enhanced my business.

I have learnt so much and made many good friends along the way.

I really look forward to more learning and special times to come ?

Carol Burgess 24th November 2018

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Hi Zena and Neil Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop I had a brilliant day. The Angel wish board is a really lovely idea and I really enjoyed making it. I cannot wait to the next workshop on the 5th xxx

Siobhan 10th September 2017

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Wow what can I say what a great day the Violet Flame Workshop was amazing I learnt so much and even though I was feeling poorly this morning the Violet Flame did its work and I’m now feeling wonderful. I shall be using this on a daily basis and feeling blessed to have been on this workshop. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart . The energy in the room was awesome . Hope to see you soon on another workshop in Devon . Love and blessings Caz xxx

Caz 10th September 2017

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I was driving back from an Angel evening at Crystal Heaven and was on the M25, after a while I was feeling a bit tired and my eyes are starting to close on their own…so i put the radio on and opened the window..started singing to myself, but no I am tired…so I think..in a gift from Crystal Heaven I had an Archangel Michael spray, I continued to fish around in my bag and managed to find the right bottle and decided to spray some on the back of my hand on the wheel and then with the other hand I spread some of the liquid on my eyelids and my face…so then I ask Archangel Michael to keep my eyes open and alert and to protect me from falling asleep.

About 5 minutes later because of major roadworks we are are directed off the motorway, on to a roundabout and back on to the motorway. I found myself the 1st car back on the M25 behind a large service truck, picking up speed to get on the motorway the truck in front suddenly decides to brake heavily…I swerve, miss it but behind in the mirror I see chaos appear as the 3 cars behind me crash in to each other sending cars in all directions, glass everywhere..a total disaster.

I strongly believe I was divinely protected and even more so by the amazingly powerful Archangel spray I had with me, Lucky? Yes. Protected, Yes. Thank you Crystal Heaven for the amazing gift…I believe it just saved my life..Love you both Neil and Zena x

Sara Sauer-Jones 10th September 2017

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Such an amazing energy tonight at the Angel evening, fantastic healing and clearing thank you Neil and Zena xx

Suzy 10th September 2017

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Fabulous evening as always, thank you Zena and Neil

Siobhan 10th September 2017

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Thank you for a brilliant evening as always xxx I just love learning more and more, what a great group. So many new faces it was wonderful Zena and Neil you are Angels xx

Jackie Irwin 10th September 2017