Atlantean Healing

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I had a wonderful experience on Neil and Zena’s Atlantean Healing Practitioner course in September 2019 in Glastonbury. It was a very informative and inspiring weekend with plenty of practical experiential work.  I now feel confident to use this healing modality to help people and learn more in future with them.  Many thanks to you both.

Sila Astarina Trevor 16th September 2019

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I have attended many different workshops & classes presented by Crystal Heaven and they never disappoint. Highly informative, life changing, and magical! Neil & Zena are genuinely gifted, and teach with such wonderful enthusiasm and passion.

The workshops provide the most inspiring shifts & growth. Upon returning from the latest workshop, Unicorns and Your Soul Energy, to my amazement Unicorn figurines were on the shelves all around my workspace at the crystal shop. Such a beautiful confirmation! I am truly grateful to Neil and Zena for opening the door!!

Dianna, Austin’s Crystal Whisperer 4th June 2019

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I always have the most magical experiences with Zena and Neil.  Atlantean Healing is a blessed modality to know, to experience and to share.  I truly feel like I’m stepping back into what I know and who I am with each Atlantean course.  Zena and Neil are patient, kind and wonderful teachers.  I am in total gratitude for all they have shared with me and I look forward to exploring more subjects with them and expanding my knowledge.  Thank you Zena and Neil, sending you so much light and love full of gratitude and blessings.

Priscilla Campos 10th May 2019

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I have been working with the Angels through the guidance of Neil & Zena Hammond, since 2016.

Healing after healing and eight (8) attunements later, I have achieved a sense of peace, a sense of freedom and a sense of knowing thanks to their guidance

Their mind-blowing Workshops offered twice a year are welcoming, informative and completely relaxing. Generous to a fault, they invite you to sit in again, on any classes already taken, as a refresher, for additional study.

I highly recommend you take your journey with these heartfelt gems, Neil & Zena Hammond and their Crystal Heaven Workshops!

Marita Gardner -Anopol 3rd May 2019

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Neil and Zena really do deliver high quality training. Both are very knowledgeable in their fields and remain true to the path and make everyone feel welcome and at ease.

They meld and blend themselves beautifully with their students so all become one. No teacher /student divide.

They really do have a knack of bringing out the best in individuals and support the process beautifully.

Annie Oztas 1st May 2019

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Neil and Zena are seriously amazing teachers, really giving with their time and knowledge. Beautiful and dedicated teachers, really grateful to be a student of theirs x

Seamus Ljubav 2nd February 2019

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The experience of Atlantean Healing and Crystal Healing with Neil and Zena is like going to a fun party with all your friends.  They have the gift to take you on a journey to rediscovering all your magnificent attributes.  All of their classes are taught in a very light and loving way and yet so professional so you are able to learn and practice at your speed and level of understanding.  They always have such neat crystals and tools that can be utilized if you decide to be a practitioner.  My dear friends thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  If you are even thinking about taking a workshop with Neil and Zena sign up now you will be so happy you did:)

Chris Carpentier 5th December 2018

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Neil & Zena truly are two of the best spiritual teachers and healers out there. They are very caring, supportive, highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas that they teach. They teach in a very calm, clear and caring way ensuring everyone within the group is equally included and has learnt and understood everything that has been taught. They really are beautiful Souls, full of Love and Light, shining brightly in all that they do.

Lou Sparks 24th November 2018

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I have take many of the Crystal Heavens courses from Angelic Crystal Reiki to Crystal Skulls and Altantean Healing, and found each excellent. They are put together really thoughtfully and facilitated by Neil & Zena who are an amazing couple. I am really grateful to have had such a chance to work with them,  and found the courses really uplifting, healing and fascinating.

Thank you, i would recommend to anyone who is interested.

Jody Rab 24th November 2018

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Thank you so much to Zena and Neil for this weekend’s Atlantean Healing™ training at my centre, truly is one of the very best healing courses I’ve ever done! Thank you so much for your time and such kind words about my centre, we can’t wait to have you back next year. Once again from myself and my colleagues at the centre it was a pleasure to have you. Xx

John Bride, Wrexham 10th September 2017

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Fabulous weekend with amazing people. Truly honoured to be an Atlantean Healing practitioner. Thank you Neil and Zena for your tuition and guidance into this beautiful system.

Monica J Fizell 10th September 2017

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Words cannot convey the overwhelming sense of transformation I feel after this weekend. You guys are amazing and you have helped me more than I could have ever imagined.

Andrea Hurley 10th September 2017

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Wow what a wonderful weekend. I really loved it, it was great to be doing what I have always felt was the right way. It’s like I’ve gone round in a Circle at last I’m back at the beginning again as it were!!! I feel sure you’ve heard it all before but it is lovely.

Thank you both so very much I really enjoyed it all….everyone was so lovely but then being Atlanteans why are we surprised that it was all so wonderful?!? Thank you too for the photos of us all both with our certificates and in the beautiful temple.

And thanks too for the added info that you have sent. Your teaching style is very attention in an extremely unintrusive way which is very subtle… it really makes each person feel valued and allows them to grow into who they are really supposed to be… thank you both for being such Honest caring and loving teachers. I think that amounts at least… to a million thanks each, to you both.

Loads of Love Light and Angel Blessings

Angela Johnston 10th September 2017

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I have completed two courses with Crystal Heaven (Angelic Reiki and Atlantean Healing™). Both were professionally run, simple to understand with lots of support from Neil and Zena. They make learning fun and are wonderful teachers. I found the Atlantean Healing™ practitioner course just unbelievable, I have been healing for many years and yet this was the most empowering course that I have ever done and has answered so many deep rooted questions about my path in this lifetime as well as past lifetimes. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Daisy Purcell 10th September 2017

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Had a fantastic time, thank you Neil & Zena for teaching me the Atlantian Healing Modality love it, and love all the wonderful students that I worked with and become friends xxx Love & Blessings to you all xx

Jackie 10th September 2017

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Thank you Zena and Neil for a wonderful weekend of Atlantean magic. Can’t wait to practice. Thank you to all the beautiful ladies who shared this exciting journey too, I hope this means the beginning of new and lasting friendships and see you all next October if not in April. Feeling lucky and loved. Xxxxx

Pip 10th September 2017

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Had a magical weekend, thank you to Zena & Neil for the Atlantean Training and to Melanie for making me laugh so much. Looking forward to meeting you all again next year!! xxxx

Cathy 10th September 2017

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Have had a fab weekend thank you Zena and Neil thanks for making it all possible, could not believe how wonderful the Atlantean healing is, many tears and laughter but feel so good, this has changed me and the way I look at healing. I can’t wait to start giving healings.

Jan 10th September 2017

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What an amazing weekend at Chalice Well here in Glastonbury on the Atlantean Healing Retreat. Old friends, new friends, great food, lots of learning, tears, love and so much laughter.

Thank you so much Neil and Zena for another fantastic retreat. Love you loads. We are all waiting for the next time to be together again. Bless you both xxxx

Dilys 10th September 2017