Crystal Healing

8th September 2020

Absolutely loved the Angelic Crystalline class, it was another amazing weekend with 2 amazing teachers xx

8th September 2020

Thank you both for a wonderful weekend! It was a lovely group and I definitely feel lighter and brighter!

8th September 2020

Amazingly powerful weekend thank you Neil & Zena x

8th September 2020

Hi both

Thank you once again for a really beautiful workshop.  I so appreciate what you do.  You continue to amaze my heart with your teachings and your generosity.  Your service is astonishing and I hope that when I finally come into my full power (minus wounding) that I can give as much as the two of you!

A lot for me to process this weekend but that’s got to be good x

So much love

Lyra xxxxx

5th February 2020

Done both crystal healing 1 and 2 and Zena and Neil are brilliant teachers. They put you at ease and will answer any questions. They are very supportive and I thoroughly enjoyed the courses.

25th November 2019

Thank you so much for another amazing journey into the
world of beautiful crystals and their incredible energy. Neil and Zena are
wonderful teachers and guide you professionally and with patience. I highly
recommend their courses and workshops having been on many and always look
forward to the next one.

21st November 2019

I have completed many courses with Neil & Zena and
feel that these wonderful people are my teachers. They bring a beautiful energy
within all of there courses & retreats. Offering a sacred space to be

21st November 2019

Whether your looking to develop your Crystal skills for personal use or as an healer, Crystal Heaven should be your first port of call. Neil and Zena have such a wide range of experience and knowledge,which makes there classes truly magical, plenty of hands on practical work, support and a safe space in which to explore the wonderful world of crystals.  You really will be in Crystal Heaven believe me!

21st November 2019

I have done both crystal healing 1 and 2 and have
thoroughly enjoyed both courses. Neil and Zena are lovely and put you at ease from the
start. The course content was explained clearly and you can ask questions throughout.

I look forward to doing other courses in the future.

10th November 2019

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1st July 2019

I so enjoyed this wonderful 2 days so much, I am so
feeling like ‘love in my heart’ and happiness flowing in and around me which I
just know is because of All the Workshops and Retreat of Angelic Mediumship in
the past 6 months or so.  I feel a deep
connection like maybe ‘what’ has been missing from my life to be honest is
really entering back in, a long time I have waited.  This Crystals weekend has been a lovely ‘eye
opening’ experience for me, I feel alive and good about a lot of areas in my
life.  Really a great Big Thank You Both,
lovely, great teaching and assistance throughout.  Looking forward to my next Workshop.

24th May 2019

Zena & Neil are both down-to-earth and highly knowledgeable in regards to a multitude of healing modalities. They make a fantastic couple from which to continuously learn from.

11th February 2019

Just had a magical weekend with Neil and Zena taking the Crystal Healing course. I already work as a crystal healer but this course drew me strongly, and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the integrity, vast knowledge, fun and healing that is so present in these sessions. Neil and Zena are kind, caring and the sessions are clearly laid out with a variety of activities. I learnt wonderful new skills and can’t wait for the third installment of the course. Lovely group to work with. Thank you for everything. Bee xx

11th February 2019

Hi Zena, Neil

Just wanted to send a little note of thanks to you both for such an amazing weekend of Crystals.  I am feeling so excited and much more confident about working with crystals now.  I love how you teach with such compassion and understanding, thank you so very much.

Feeling “plugged in” and ready to go!!!!

Love and hugs

Viv  xx    ?

5th December 2018

The experience of Atlantean Healing and Crystal Healing with Neil and Zena is like going to a fun party with all your friends.  They have the gift to take you on a journey to rediscovering all your magnificent attributes.  All of their classes are taught in a very light and loving way and yet so professional so you are able to learn and practice at your speed and level of understanding.  They always have such neat crystals and tools that can be utilized if you decide to be a practitioner.  My dear friends thank you for sharing your gifts with us.  If you are even thinking about taking a workshop with Neil and Zena sign up now you will be so happy you did:)

28th November 2018

I have done numerous courses with Neil & Zena (crystal healing / skull workshop / angelic reiki ) and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! They are a lovely couple who hold the space in such a delicate and loving way.  They have helped me so much on my spiritual journey and are so very accepting of who I am which allows me to relax and thoroughly enjoy my experiences.  Thank you both so much for all the knowledge you have shared with me and for the words of encouragement throughout my journey xx

25th November 2018

Wow, what a journey this has been. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll feel warm, you’ll feel cold. You’ll make some special friends that you’ll connect with for the rest of your life. You’ll learn to use your intuition and you’ll learn about some of the things crystals can do…. you never stop learning about how amazing they are. You’ll also do some wonderful guided meditations and you’ll experience the joy of being at one with yourself. There is a mixture of practical exercises to let you feel how crystals work as well as the expertise of Neil and Zenas knowledge to help you to understand this subject. You’ll be delighted that you took the step to explore crystals I know they have changed my life and I love passing that on to others. Have fun and enjoy the journey ???

24th November 2018

Absolutely amazing courses taught truly from the heart. Zena and Neil have a real passion for Crystals and sharing their many years of knowledge with students. I have learnt a lot from them The Crystal’s I attended certainly fueled my own passion for using crystals within my practice. Cant wait to do more

24th November 2018

Crystal Healing

I have taken many classes with Zena and Neil. You could say I have been nurtured with love and knowledge! They wouldn’t let you believe that though, they would tell you as they always tell me. I did it myself. I beg to differ!! These guys are so loving, patient, healing. I never in a million years believed I would now be a crystal healing master teacher, but I am. And I’m opening my own shop. So I think that shows how much of an impact they made when they firstly started my healing process and secondly by teaching me. I can’t praise them enough Faerie kate ??‍♀️

10th September 2017

I have just spent a Fab weekend with Zena and Neil completing Crystals and Crystal Healing 1

I had lots of fun learning about Crystals with hands on practice, Zena and Neil are so welcoming and have a great teaching manner, the weekend flew past and I am looking forward to Crystal Healing 2.

Thanks Zena and Neil xx

10th September 2017

Thank you Crystal Heaven for a fantastic Crystal Workshop you are the best xx

10th September 2017

I would like to thank you for your wonderful Crystal workshop it was so fantastic to learn the healing positions and how to look after the crystals. I would recommend this course to anyone who is thinking about doing it. And Neil and Zena are such good teachers thank you guys xx

10th September 2017

I would like to thank you both for the wonderful course of Crystal Healing this weekend.

It cuts to the core of how to understand and use crystals as a healing tool.

As I have spent my whole working life in a healing role as a nurse I have been searching for another way to heal people without the pills and science. The crystals do the work with guidance from above.

Although there is a place for Doctors treatments I prefer to think prevention, if possible is better than the cure. I am sure you have both seen the benefit of holistic healing and I will certainly be booking the next course so I can begin my journey of healing in another direction.

10th September 2017

What an amazing course. I am totally blown away by all the experiences we shared and the love and professionalism that Neil and Zena brought to it. You are a wonderful team and you work so well together, you’re so in tune. I thank you for all your expertise and for sharing it with us all. I’ll treasure this part of my journey always.