Angelic Reiki

1st March 2023

What can I say! An absolutely beautiful teaching from the most dedicated ,spiritual and professional couple. I feel truly blessed to of been part of a spiritual , emotional and fun weekend. So many questions answered and I’m sure in time  many more but nothing was too much trouble for Zena and Neil. If you feel drawn to this modality do it ! You won’t regret it 💜xx Thank you 🙏🏼

27th February 2023

Dear Neil/Zena

Thank you so much for awakening and bringing forward a part of me that was there, waiting patiently to be brought to light.  I am still in the middle of that powerful , lovely, marvellous embrace of  all the healing Angels, and Masters, I can feel their energies around me, it is so great the feeling to the point that I sometimes feel dizzy.

You know the saying ” she is drunk with love ” I feel like that ha ha ha. it is a nice feeling though. I guess is still the work  being performed on me by my healing Angel.

Another funny thing, remember that I saw  a toy rabbit in one of the sessions. so this morning my colleague started talking about rabbits !!!

I love the Angelic realm, I I love the violet flame.

Thank you so much for your powerful teaching, I am looking forward to take the next Angelic Reiki course.


Have a blessed week


Petra Trinci

11th May 2021

Thank you so much for running such an amazing course and for covering so much in such a short period of time. I really appreciate everything you taught us about the angels and other sources of healing energy and also how to practise this with clients.  All round fab!

I still feel the energies working on me. It feels very powerful.

18th December 2019

I first met Zena & Neil earlier this year, when I attended their Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 course. They were very welcoming and put everyone at ease.  Both were confident and professional, providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere.  Attuning to the Angelic realm was phenomenal, definitely an out of this world experience.  Their level 3 & 4 (Master/Teacher) course didn’t disappoint either.  Again, both Neil and Zena were very open and welcoming.  Definitely a far different experience from the practitioner course,  with advanced healing techniques and guidance for teaching.

Neil & Zena are exemplary teachers, as they continue to support and mentor their students even after course completion. Always on hand for advice and guidance.

If you are thinking of pursuing Angelic Reiki, for self healing, as a practitioner or as a teacher,  I can’t recommend Neil and Zena enough.


18th December 2019

I first met Zena & Neil earlier this year, when I attended their Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 course. They were very welcoming and put everyone at ease. Both were confident and professional, providing a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Attuning to the Angelic realm was phenomenal, definitely an out of this world experience. Their level 3 & 4 (Master/Teacher) course didn’t disappoint either. Again, both Neil and Zena were very open and welcoming. Definitely a far different experience from the practitioner course, with advanced healing techniques and guidance for teaching. Neil & Zena are exemplary teachers, as they continue to support and mentor their students even after course completion. Always on hand for advice and guidance. If you are thinking of pursuing Angelic Reiki, for self healing, as a practitioner or as a teacher, I can’t recommend Neil and Zena enough.

23rd October 2019

When I was introduced to Neil & Zena of , Crystal
Heaven, I was at the end of a very rough chapter that I had been healing from
and was finally at a place of refreshing and reflection. I took many spiritual
healing certification courses leading up to that moment. I was wanting more
education but also more self healing was needed. I was drawn to their demeanor
of how people spoke about them. Then I took a class…then another and another.
They were the perfect pair of educators that I have ever had on my journey by
far. They are professional but kind and caring. No wonder they have so many
loyal souls that respect and cherish them. They have earned that place by being
amazing humans and educators. I finally had a place I could talk about my
experiences without being told I belong in an institution, lol. Then, you get
to meet like minded people from all over. That’s one of the best parts. I’m not
that sociable but I am learning has I continue to heal from past abuse. The
main course I have taken was their Angelic Reiki Classes. They are
knowledgeable and helpful through every step but also laid back and
entertaining. Makes it easy for a shy person to open up and learn more. The
materials are as detailed as you can get and they do provide plenty of
information for you to not only learn from what they are educating you on but
to also provide you with enough information that you can do your own research
and decide for yourself on how much and how far you want to believe (in any
subject). It has been a couple years since I have taken the Angelic Reiki
Master class and ever since, I have used what they provided and taught and
mixed it with all my other education to create my very own protocol of how I
practice healing sessions with my clients. I have grown from the first day of
barely muttering my first introduction to them and fellow classmates to now. If
you don’t use any course you take professionally, you will use it personally so
no class is ever unused. The benefits of healing yourself to help open another
chapter with more ease is just as rewarding. Thank you Neil & Zena for
helping to guide me into other open doors with less fear and more hope…and
more spiritual tools ♥️

21st October 2019

This was my first class with Neil and Zena and it was amazing! Connecting and attuning to the Angels has helped me self heal, see past life regressions and send healing Angelic energy to others in person and by distance healing. I’ve been told by others that feel energy that my attuned Master crystal is extremely powerful. Working with the Angels is powerful. Highly recommend this class for all!????????????

30th July 2019

I recently attended angelic reiki 1&2 facilitated by
Neil and Zena.

They bring so much love, support, fun and professionalism
to this workshop.

I cannot recommend it enough as a truly beautiful healing

21st July 2019

The whole three days process was extremely lovely, the Teaching and Meditations delivered were beautiful work.  Delivered with so much love it was a delight to be in the room.  I am a person who has received other Healing modality Attunements, the Angelic Reiki was a long very detailed 3 day beautiful process, at one time I could feel wings from my own Healing Angel completely around me and feathers and so many fabulous colours. 

I am so excited by what has changed in my life, I just feel so strong inside yet so nicely at ease.  I am very confident in my use for Others and World and self Healing.

Thank You so very much

16th July 2019

I have just completed Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 at the
Goddess House with Neil and Zena and it was the most wonderful and powerful
healing and energy I’ve ever felt .

It totally exceeded my expectations and gave me so much
more out of this course than I could have ever hoped for or imagined .

I very much look forward to doing level 3&4 in
November I’m already making plans lol Thankyou so much for attuning me to
angelic reiki vibration I am forever grateful Laura

5th June 2019

I would like to say how grateful i am to Neil and Zena for this extraordinary opportunity to take Angelic Reiki. This has been the most sensational experience that i have gone through in my life ( apart from giving birth to my daughter) I will always remember these classes and i am deeply thankful for you both giving me this incredible training. I know feel that i have support in the Angels to move on in life. Many thanks to the wonderful and phenomenal souls that you are. Diamonds in my heart forever. All my love for the future.

3rd May 2019

I have been working with the Angels through the guidance
of Neil & Zena Hammond, since 2016.

Healing after healing and eight (8) attunements later, I have achieved a sense of peace, a sense of freedom and a sense of knowing thanks to their guidance

Their mind-blowing Workshops offered twice a year are
welcoming, informative and completely relaxing. Generous to a fault, they
invite you to sit in again, on any classes already taken, as a refresher, for
additional study.

I highly recommend you take your journey with these heartfelt gems, Neil & Zena Hammond and their Crystal Heaven Workshops!

9th December 2018

Having completed Angelic Reiki, A Crystal Skull ? workshop, Angel Aura Spray & fabulous Dragon ? workshop today in Glastonbury, I thoroughly recommend them for spiritual development courses. Wonderful Earth Angels! X

29th November 2018

I can not recommended Crystal Heaven and Neil and Zena’s training highly enough.  I have attended many Complimentary Health courses over the years and can truly say that I found their Angelic Reiki Training the most enjoyable and rewarding.  From the initial welcome to the after Course support nothing has been too much trouble for them.  The delivery of their work is clear, concise and inspiring and the timetable well  structured.  The introduction through  Angelic Reiki to Galactic Beings has taken my work to a whole new level.  I have recommended others to Crystal Heaven  training and all have been so grateful for the introduction and like myself have been so pleased with the training.  Thank you Neil and Zena for all you do and for all you are. May you continue to shine your Lights so brightly in the Holistic Health and Wellbeing world.

28th November 2018

Neil & Zena Hammond Are Two Of The Purest Souls I Have Ever Had The Pleasure To Meet. They Totally Are A Gift From Gaia & The Universe Brought  In To Help Guide Us All Through The  Aquarian Age. Every Step Of The Way From Very First Contact You Are Made To Feel So Welcome & Loved. In My Own Personal Experience Of Doing Workshops With Neil & Zena They Work From The Highest Vibration Possible To Help Each Student Achieve The Highest Healing Abilites Possible. Giving Them Confidence In Reaching Their Own Healing Vibration. Their Facilataing Gifts knowledge & Wisdom Are Simply Priceless. Making You Feel At Total Ease Knowing This Allows You To Begin Your Own  Healing Journey. I Feel Truly Blessed & Grateful That They Were Both  Brought Into My Awareness At The Right Time To Guide Shift & Move  Me Forward On My Ascession Path.

If You Looking To Evolve & Explore Your Healing Gifts Then Neil & Zena Truly Are Very Special Souls To Assist You On This Journey.

100% Authentic On Every Level ???

Thank You

Neil & Zena Hammond For Being Part Of My Journey & For The Love & Continued Support To Still Always Give.

Love Light Angelic Blessings

Beverley Anne



28th November 2018

Supportive, encouraging  and nurturing.  I Couldn’t of had better teachers. Forever grateful for their kindness and Love.

Beautiful individuals and as a couple.

Thank you Angels for guiding me to them. ??.

28th November 2018

I have done numerous courses with Neil & Zena (crystal healing / skull workshop / angelic reiki ) and I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute! They are a lovely couple who hold the space in such a delicate and loving way.  They have helped me so much on my spiritual journey and are so very accepting of who I am which allows me to relax and thoroughly enjoy my experiences.  Thank you both so much for all the knowledge you have shared with me and for the words of encouragement throughout my journey xx

25th November 2018

Zena and Neil are two of my most favorite teachers, and on my journey through Angelic Reiki they were outstanding. The encouragement and the energy from them made you want to come back for more and I did, and it was an even better experience.

The time with them would be filled with such beautiful learning experiences, and you would come away from the workshop days feeling so much more than just uplifted, and more than just “I’ve learnt something new,” it’s always a lot deeper. I have recommended them to many people who want to learn some of their other courses and workshops, and I would love to work with them again when it’s the right time for me once more.

Zena and Neil are incredibly patient with peoples learning styles, really thoughtful about how to apply and approach people’s own growth and how to support them before and after they leave the space, which I haven’t had before from teachers, which is why I chose to go back, because I felt the standard of learning I received was from some of the greatest teachings they impart.


Thank you for all you do Zena and Neil xxx


25th November 2018

I would like to say how wonderful Neil & Zena are, they are two of the most authentic souls I have had the pleasure to meet and an honour to have been taught the Angelic Reiki by them both. I would totally recommend them both on any course in which you desire to learn, they give so much passion in thier course a wonderful breakdown in how to learn, the encouragement to go out and practice and are always there if you need them, on anything you’re not sure of they’ll go the extra mile to give you the answers. They both truly are a gift from the universe brought here to help others ascend, they have so much knowledge to share and it comes with unconditional love and gratitude.

All my love guys and a huge thank you for all you do, Clive x

25th November 2018

I have done both of my training’s with Neil and Zena. Two long weekends that have changed my life. They hold the space for learning in the most loving hands. There knowledge is whole and comes from the pure love for what they do. Everybody is guided to be themselves and to know that that is enough. Be prepared for some magical moments…. there is no other way to describe the experience  you’ll have. I wholeheartedly recommend them and as I do this I’m full of joy as I know where you’ll be on the other side. Have fun, it’s amazing…..  ???

24th November 2018

Not only do Zena & Neil offer thoroughly enjoyable workshops, travelling the length and breadth of the U.K. (& internationally), they also invite you to attend in an observational role in order to see a different perspective for teaching.

The Angelic Reiki is divine & the Crystal Skull workshop interesting. Looking forward to participating in their Dragon workshop  also.

Five stars ! ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️ ⭐️

24th November 2018

I had the wonderful fortune of completing both my Angelic Reiki 1&2 and then Angelic 3&4 with Neil and Zena. These were incredible life changing experiences for me, made so through the energy and support of these 2 amazing souls!

24th November 2018

I have done many workshops and retreats with Neil and Zena over the last several years. I have to say they have been the best tutors I have ever had. They’re both such genuine, loving and supportive people and incredible tutors who have such a depth of knowledge and are very capable of passing their knowledge on in way that is understandable.

I feel very honored, grateful and blessed to have Neil and Zena in my life. Thank you ????xxx

24th November 2018

Neil & Zena truly are two of the best spiritual teachers and healers out there. They are very caring, supportive, highly skilled and knowledgeable in all areas that they teach. They teach in a very calm, clear and caring way ensuring everyone within the group is equally included and has learnt and understood everything that has been taught. They really are beautiful Souls, full of Love and Light, shining brightly in all that they do.

24th November 2018


I have take many of the Crystal Heavens courses from Angelic Crystal Reiki to Crystal Skulls and Altantean Healing, and found each excellent. They are put together really thoughtfully and facilitated by Neil & Zena who are an amazing couple. I am really grateful to have had such a chance to work with them,  and found the courses really uplifting, healing and fascinating.

Thank you, i would recommend to anyone who is interested.

10th September 2017

Wow what an amazing weekend down in Glastonbury. I would like to thank Neil and Zena from Crystal Heaven, the Angels and my absolutely gorgeous boyfriend Greg for teaching and letting me learn the beautiful healing known as Angelic Reiki what an amazing experience. Can’t wait for the rest of my Spiritual journey xxxx

10th September 2017

This weekend was inspirational, uplifting and life changing. You truly are heaven sent. Thank you does not seem to fully express the gratitude I feel. Until next time, Love & Best wishes.

10th September 2017

Dearest Zena and Neil. It was certainly a magical weekend for me and I think I could say that for everyone else there. We had a lot of laughs and fun and also a few necessary tears. You are amazing teachers and all the workshops, retreats and events you put on run seamlessly. I know it’s due to all your hard work, love and care and I thank you from the deepest depths of my heart. I’m sure we will all do our best to do it justice. Lots of love beautiful Angels xxxx

10th September 2017

Thank You to Neil & Zena for a truly amazing weekend of Angelic Magic it’s just mind blowing. Just to say a massive thank you to you both for being such Magical Teachers for your love, time, patience and magicial energy we have totally enjoyed right through the weekend. You have brought together such beautiful amazing like minded souls we have had so much fun laughter. Love You guys and our beautiful new friends big hugs everyone.

10th September 2017

Well what can I say? I can’t thank you enough for your support and level of teaching you gave with love and passion at our Reiki 3 & 4 in Glastonbury over the weekend. Congrats to all of us for passing. It was a pleasure and honor to have taken this workshop with such a special group of people. Love and Angel wishes to you all.

10th September 2017

Thank you for another awesome weekend it’s been one of those weekends that you wish didn’t have to come to an end can’t wait to meet up with you two lovely people with your beautiful energies again. Much Love & Angel Blessings.

10th September 2017

I have just completed the Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 a fantastic experience I will never forget!

Angelic Reiki is the most fabulous energy I have ever felt, working with the Angels is just amazing, Neil and Zena are lovely so welcoming they made us all feel comfortable and looked after us so well. I would recommend Crystal Heaven and this course to anyone interested in healing and working with Angels.

10th September 2017

Wow – What a fabulous weekend with Angels. From the moment I entered the Beautiful Workshop space I felt so welcome and loved. Zena and Neil’s Teaching of Angelic Reiki 1&2 (practitioner) was excellent and very professional. I am really looking forward to continuing with Angelic Reiki 3&4 (masters) in the near future at Crystal Heaven.

Thank you Zena and Neil for your wonderful Healing and Amazing Teaching xxx

10th September 2017

I have had the most fantastic journey over the last few days, 1&2 was great but 3&4 has just been incredible. Thank you Neil and Zena for being such amazing teachers and such special people, thank you to the other women who shared this journey with me xxx

10th September 2017

Thank you Neil and Zena for introducing me to this wonderful world of Angels and Angelic Reiki it really has changed my life, you are both such amazing teachers. I loved connecting with the Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers xxx

10th September 2017

Such a wonderful journey shared with beautiful people, angels and ascended masters. Thank you to the very lovely Neil and Zena from Crystal Heaven for making it such a special time for us all. Very much looking forward to learning how to be an Angelic Reiki Master/Teacher in October. For anyone who has ever considered learning Angelic Reiki, please do. It will change your life forever! It is so gentle and yet so powerful!

10th September 2017

A truly enlightening and inspiring workshop that I feel so blessed and grateful to have taken part in. Such a special personal journey for me that was shared with intuitive and wonderful people, fantastic teachers Zena and Neil, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers.

Zena’s and Neil’s love and passion for this beautiful Angelic healing art is very evident throughout the entire workshop and their professionalism is second to none.

Already I feel such a positive transition within myself. Within two days of completing the workshop I’ve written out a 2-4 year plan for the next steps in my journey, an action plan of where I want to be in 2 years time and a plan of action for the next two years after that. Some of which has surprised me! This is most unlike me, yet I have written it with such conviction and certainty that I know it will become a reality. I feel the Angels are lovingly propelling me forward to get on with what I am supposed to be doing. I loved this workshop and look forward to the next one…all part of the new plan 😉

Thank you Zena and Neil, thank you Angels. I am truly honoured to be able to share this beautiful Angelic healing art. xxx

10th September 2017

I would like to thank our beautiful earth angel teachers Neil and Zena, along with the Archangels, Healing Angels, Ascended Masters, Galactic Healers, and our Soul Groups for a wonderful weekend full of so much love and amazing energy shared by such beautiful souls. So special! It was lovely to feel such a connection with friends, old and new. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

10th September 2017

Thank you it was a beautiful weekend I loved it and the energy was so strong and I love working with my soul group totally amazing I cant wait to get my hands out there thank you both of you so much xxxxx

10th September 2017

I am feeling overwhelmed and quite speechless (believe that if you dare) with gratitude to the Angelic Realm, Crystal Heaven and all of the beautiful souls that I spent this weekend with. I am now an Angelic Reiki Master/teacher and wow! I can’t wait to share the magic xx Thank you all so very much for the journey, the healing, the laughter and love xxxx

10th September 2017

Thank you all so much for a wonderful Angelic Reiki weekend! I loved every minute of it! You are such beautiful souls who shine so brightly. Neil and Zena, thank you. You are both a true inspiration and a beautiful couple. I look forward to seeing you again soon! Lots of love.

10th September 2017

Thank you Neil and Zena for another wonderful workshop. It was a beautiful and powerfully Angelic healing weekend and was a pleasure to be able to share it with you all. You are all truly amazing ladies, healers and life changers! Love and angel blessings xxx

10th September 2017

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Crystal Heaven’s Neil & Zena for a fabulous weekend teaching myself & my partner Bev Hay the Angelic Reiki level 1 & 2 practitioners course, introducing us to the Angelic healing energy, third eye healing, healing with Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers of 100% pure light and the Multi Dimensional and Past Life healing, your explanation of the Angelic Realm was truly amazing, the energies & knowledge flowed beautifully, thank you for making us feel so relaxed & at ease with your warm welcoming, the course over the weekend was a magical experience we shall never forget, we are already looking forward to the next course with yourselves, Angelic Reiki level 3 & 4 Master Teacher’s Degree. Much love & Gratitude xxx