Soul Group

Soul Group

24th October 2019

Hi you two lovely people,

    Just wanted to
share something with you both. I shared this with our Spring, TX Reiki group
about 2 months ago.

   When you were
here before (not the last, before that), we picked a stone and did a meditation
with it. The stone I picked helped with understanding death during childbirth.
My guides wanted me to pick that particular stone. At the time, my thoughts
went like this: I haven’t experienced a miscarriage, or death during childbirth
(hummm). Got the stone. Did the meditation. 
Now here’s the interesting part. I have 2 brothers, twins, both died.
One born dead, one died 5 days later. This happened 2 years before my birth so
I never really knew them. They were born the same month as I was, just 2 years
earlier.  In the meditation, my soul was
one of the twins that chose to not stay in this plane. I felt all the mothers
grief of this loss (my mother’s grief). Now I understand why I’ve always felt
connected to the twins but never really knew them. It took quite an integration
period for my to put all this information together and I really needed to
“sit” with all I was told and given during the meditation.

It explains to me how soul families incarnate together.
My soul and that twin brother are one soul.

  Anyway, I don’t
really know how to write this as an example of the experiences and informtion
happens to come through in your classes. But if you feel inclined to use it,
please feel free to do so.  There have
been many times I have gotten information that I just needed to take time to
integrate and “sit” with and I seem to do lots of releasing every
time: my voice always seem to be clear about lots of releasing and letting go.

  You make such a
big contribution and difference every time I take your classes. I thank you
from the heart.