Sara Sauer-Jones

10th September 2017

I was driving back from an Angel evening at Crystal Heaven and was on the M25, after a while I was feeling a bit tired and my eyes are starting to close on their own…so i put the radio on and opened the window..started singing to myself, but no I am tired…so I a gift from Crystal Heaven I had an Archangel Michael spray, I continued to fish around in my bag and managed to find the right bottle and decided to spray some on the back of my hand on the wheel and then with the other hand I spread some of the liquid on my eyelids and my face…so then I ask Archangel Michael to keep my eyes open and alert and to protect me from falling asleep.

About 5 minutes later because of major roadworks we are are directed off the motorway, on to a roundabout and back on to the motorway. I found myself the 1st car back on the M25 behind a large service truck, picking up speed to get on the motorway the truck in front suddenly decides to brake heavily…I swerve, miss it but behind in the mirror I see chaos appear as the 3 cars behind me crash in to each other sending cars in all directions, glass everywhere..a total disaster.

I strongly believe I was divinely protected and even more so by the amazingly powerful Archangel spray I had with me, Lucky? Yes. Protected, Yes. Thank you Crystal Heaven for the amazing gift…I believe it just saved my life..Love you both Neil and Zena x