Crystal Skull Collaboration class

Crystal Skull Collaboration class

21st April 2023

Good evening Zena and Neil,

We hope that you are well and were able to rest today?

Myself and Clive wanted to thank you both for the last 2 days.  We have felt so many different shifts.  I loved the healing sessions yesterday … I loved doing them and receiving the healing.

We took your advise and left a little later.  The traffic wasn’t too bad.

I have attached some photos of the sky!  How interesting?  I tried to take more photos but the trees got in the way lol.

The intentions are already working!  Just a day later! How fabulous! Clive and I both asked for more wealth.  Clive received not just one, but 2 unexpected cheques!! How fantastic!

I asked for more authentic friends in my grid.  Before I had left the course yesterday, I exchanged emails and phone numbers with other beautiful souls on your course.

Myself and Clive couldn’t believe how quickly the grids are working.

Clive dreamt that he was trying to calm the war in Ukraine and Russia.  He felt that he was actually there!

And we still need to put the grids out again.

So excited to see this journey unfolding.

Clive was emotional as he was not expecting a certificate.

With much gratitude to you both 🙏

Namaste 🙏

Jules and Clive x