Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame Class

18th July 2019

I would love to convey my appreciation for the above Workshop … for me I could have carried on for more days, I absolutely was very fortunate with the Attunement.  The person I was paired up with was nicely surprised by the strength, which I could really feel as well.  The Healing for the World made my cry, no not joy but the pain of the people living in the East, maybe because I am initiated into an Asian Temple where I used to live. 

Neil and Zena’s delivery of this entire workshop was Superb.  There was so much giving from them both I really recommend even if you just want to give a little bit more Healing to the World than you do already, Neil and Zena will help you do it with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame. And of course, think about your own Healing and the ones you love.