Angelic Reiki and Other Classes

23rd October 2019

When I was introduced to Neil & Zena of , Crystal
Heaven, I was at the end of a very rough chapter that I had been healing from
and was finally at a place of refreshing and reflection. I took many spiritual
healing certification courses leading up to that moment. I was wanting more
education but also more self healing was needed. I was drawn to their demeanor
of how people spoke about them. Then I took a class…then another and another.
They were the perfect pair of educators that I have ever had on my journey by
far. They are professional but kind and caring. No wonder they have so many
loyal souls that respect and cherish them. They have earned that place by being
amazing humans and educators. I finally had a place I could talk about my
experiences without being told I belong in an institution, lol. Then, you get
to meet like minded people from all over. That’s one of the best parts. I’m not
that sociable but I am learning has I continue to heal from past abuse. The
main course I have taken was their Angelic Reiki Classes. They are
knowledgeable and helpful through every step but also laid back and
entertaining. Makes it easy for a shy person to open up and learn more. The
materials are as detailed as you can get and they do provide plenty of
information for you to not only learn from what they are educating you on but
to also provide you with enough information that you can do your own research
and decide for yourself on how much and how far you want to believe (in any
subject). It has been a couple years since I have taken the Angelic Reiki
Master class and ever since, I have used what they provided and taught and
mixed it with all my other education to create my very own protocol of how I
practice healing sessions with my clients. I have grown from the first day of
barely muttering my first introduction to them and fellow classmates to now. If
you don’t use any course you take professionally, you will use it personally so
no class is ever unused. The benefits of healing yourself to help open another
chapter with more ease is just as rewarding. Thank you Neil & Zena for
helping to guide me into other open doors with less fear and more hope…and
more spiritual tools ♥️