Angela Johnston

Angela Johnston

10th September 2017

Wow what a wonderful weekend. I really loved it, it was great to be doing what I have always felt was the right way. It’s like I’ve gone round in a Circle at last I’m back at the beginning again as it were!!! I feel sure you’ve heard it all before but it is lovely.

Thank you both so very much I really enjoyed it all….everyone was so lovely but then being Atlanteans why are we surprised that it was all so wonderful?!? Thank you too for the photos of us all both with our certificates and in the beautiful temple.

And thanks too for the added info that you have sent. Your teaching style is very attention in an extremely unintrusive way which is very subtle… it really makes each person feel valued and allows them to grow into who they are really supposed to be… thank you both for being such Honest caring and loving teachers. I think that amounts at least… to a million thanks each, to you both.

Loads of Love Light and Angel Blessings