29th November 2018

I attended my first every retreat with Zena and Neil at the end of October .

I had no idea what to expect and in truth was a little scared but also excited at having this time out of my hectic life to learn and just be .

My aim was to try and increase my confidence in my mediumship as although I am doing readings I tend to run away from any type of public demonstration although spirit keep pushing me in that situation !

The course itself was amazing and it’s tutors Zena and Neil you could not ask for two more welcoming and kindly people who spent the whole weekend teaching us but also feeding us and helping us grow and learn nothing was to much trouble for them and they were happy to adjust and give more information if asked .

Myself and a few others did not know about the violet flame so they added an overview of it into the course to help us understand a little more about it .

There were tears and laughter frustration and jubilation as the weekend passed I made some long standing friendships and yes I achieved my personal aim as well as learning so much more .

Chalice well is an amazing setting and to have personal use throughout the weekend is a joy in itself all in all I had an experience I will never forget and will hopefully repeat at some point in the future .

Again thank you to you both for being the beautiful souls you are and shining that light on those around you with your love and knowledge weather teaching or in life xx love and blessings Fiona xx