25th November 2018

Zena and Neil are two of my most favorite teachers, and on my journey through Angelic Reiki they were outstanding. The encouragement and the energy from them made you want to come back for more and I did, and it was an even better experience.

The time with them would be filled with such beautiful learning experiences, and you would come away from the workshop days feeling so much more than just uplifted, and more than just “I’ve learnt something new,” it’s always a lot deeper. I have recommended them to many people who want to learn some of their other courses and workshops, and I would love to work with them again when it’s the right time for me once more.

Zena and Neil are incredibly patient with peoples learning styles, really thoughtful about how to apply and approach people’s own growth and how to support them before and after they leave the space, which I haven’t had before from teachers, which is why I chose to go back, because I felt the standard of learning I received was from some of the greatest teachings they impart.


Thank you for all you do Zena and Neil xxx