Working with the Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame (Zoom Event Saturday 17th October 2020)

£ 45.00


Crystal Heaven International institute are pleased to offer this 5 hour Certificated Zoom class being held in 2 parts 10 -12.30 am and then 2.00 pm -4.30 pm

The Violet Flame was given to the priests and priestesses of Atlantis by the divine and a sacred temple housed this wonderful flame, people would visit the temple to receive healing from the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is the essence of a unique spiritual light that is available to all.

The Violet Flame had the power to transmute any and all negative feelings within our four body system, the spiritual the physical the mental and the emotional body of every individual. The Violet Flame priest and priestesses of Atlantis also worked with this wonderful energy to keep the vibration of Earth, animals and plants as well as people at the highest vibration possible. This prevented imbalances across the planet as well as any dis-ease from being created. Following the fall of the golden age of Atlantis the mighty Violet Flame with its great power to transmute started to be misused and consequently the intergalactic Council that watched over Earth withdrew it so that it could no longer be utilised for wrong.

In 1987, when the harmonic convergence happened, Archangel Zadkiel and Lord St Germain petitioned the Divine for its return so that it could be reintroduced to humanity.

The divine granted this petition and the Violet Flame returned once more as humanity started its journey back to the golden age.

A few years later the Violet Flame was upgraded bringing in additional energies of silver and gold, the silver represented grace and the gold represented wisdom and so the Violet Flame became the gold and silver Violet Flame. These qualities were given to humanity so that once again we could continue the ascension process to the golden age.

The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame was given to us in 2015 as an upgrade to be even more effective at cutting away the negativity that surrounds us. Mankind now needs this tool, as does the Earth, in order to assist the Earth’s Ascension process, so that Heaven is brought to Earth.

This Zoom workshop is for those who wish to incorporate this energy into their daily lives, through a mix of guided meditations, practical exercises and healing. Learn of its  many different applications: to transform and enhance your life. To unite with your higher-self and your guides, to restore balance in all areas. The Cosmic Diamond Violet Flame is expanding now at an extraordinary rate, and we are being asked to expand our  knowledge and usage of it.

This magical energy is available to everyone and it can make huge life changes.

Event Timings

Date: 17th October 2020
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30 am  and then 2.00 pm-4.30 pm

Booking Information

The cost of this Event is £45.00 and upon completion you will receive a free downloadable Guided CD on working with the Violet flame and also an emailed PDF certificate of completion.