Unakite Galactic Crystal Skull (v17)

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Unakite Galactic Crystal Skull (v17)

35mm x 30mm x 30mm  Weight 69

If you find yourself drawn to the Unakite crystal meaning, it might be time for a major spiritual facelift. Whether we realize it or not, emotional pain builds up in the heart in a similar way that a lifetime of eating junk food clogs the arteries. Keeping the body healthy is one thing but it’s a whole ‘nother story behind the curtain of your inner world.

With the constant flux of chaos and order, we’re constantly having to battle for our sanity and sanctity when faced with the duality of the universe. Adding to the bewilderment of the human condition is the constant pull of our ego and expectations, which makes the simple concept of happiness a complicated matter. But Unakite keeps the message clear and direct–dust away negative energy like fear, cynicism, and confusion and stop your emotions from causing an ever-increasing dent in your forehead. With the radiant energy of the Unakite crystal stone meaning permeating your spirit, get ready for that frown to turn upside down.




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