Trollite Large Crystal Yoga Lady (G51)

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Trollite Large Crystal Yoga Lady (G51)

Size  160 mm x 100mm x 32mm   Weight 357g   

As with most blue stones, we might expect trollite to be particularly useful for communication. If you’re looking for support to speak truthfully and from the heart—and to listen effectively—then trollite could be a good fit. Others may notice that trollite helps them connect with their higher self and spirituality. Trollite could even have a reputation as a stone of ascension because it contains lepidolite, and those pieces can aid with personal awakenings. Ultimately, though, it’s all about trusting your intuition.

The presence of blue tourmaline suggests that trollite will be a stone that channels peace and tranquillity. This type is rarer than the other tourmaline crystals, and it’s associated with emotional healing. In deeper shades, blue tourmaline relates more closely to the third eye chakra and greater intuition. These properties are also found with lazulite, or that third material in trollite.


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