Stibnite Crystal Specimen (x334)

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Measures 100 x 60x 50 mm  Weight 179g 

Stibnite is a very strong transformation stone that activates and helps align all chakras. This crystal is associated with the planet and god Pluto, which is the ruler of all things rebirth, transformation, and power. It helps one shed their skin like that of a snake and transform you into who your truly want to be. Stibnite pushes us to be the highest version of ourselves and live a life full of things most relatable to you and your interests. This crystal brings out the best in us so that we may be able to bring out the best in others.

This special mineral has been known to bring wealth, prosperity, abundance, and enhancement of one’s ability when working with or carrying Stibnite daily. It’s the perfect stone to set an intention in and aids in keeping that laser sharp focus that pushes you to obtain and achieve that said intention.

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