Sphalerite Crystal Ball (v71)

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Sphalerite Crystal Ball (v71)

Size 55mm   Weight 194g  

Sphalerite will impress you with its exceptional properties and metaphysical attributes.

This very interesting crystal will help you harmonize your female and male aspects while also unleashing your creativity.

It’s a strong crystal that will ground you spiritually, especially if you have been meditating with crystals and stones that work with the higher chakras.

It’s also an effective healing crystal that will benefit your body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

Sphalerite will make sure that you are grounded to reality. It will help you differentiate what is true from what is false, and what is a figment of your imagination from your reality.

This crystal’s energies will regularly give you a reality check and make sure that what you have is what you wanted, and what happened is what you willed to.

When you keep this crystal on you every time, you will be able to become more discerning.

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