Rutilated Quartz Crystal Ball (v64)

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Rutilated Quartz Crystal Ball (v64)

Size 60mm   Weight 325g  

Green Rutile brings transformation of health. You can use this stone to turn the healing tides if you are struggling with your health. It is said to be excellent in alleviating energy depletion and exhaustion.

A very popular stone among businessmen, Rutilated quartz prepares one to face new challenges with confident, enhances concentration, improves foresight and gives you the ability to identify people who are trying to cheat you in business. It protects you from “small people” – people with ill-intentions towards you, whether in your career, relationship or business.

Mentally, this powerful crystal helps to clear your mind and increase creativity. Rutilated quartz also has the name “Iluminator for the soul” is believed that ladies who wear them will exude better aura (looks “brighter” with improved complexion).

Emotionally, Rutilated quartz is purported to soothe dark moods and alleviates depression. This stone is said to relieve phobias, anxiety and fears. It counters self-hatred and releases constrictions. Rutile Quartz also promotes forgiveness at all levels.

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