Rose Quartz Crystal Skull (B1)

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Rose Quartz Crystal Skull (B1)

Size 50mm x 60mm x 45mm     Weight 183g  

Rose Quartz has a meaning and properties to heal tired mind. It is a popular healing stone that regains a bright heart. It will give us the power to move forward again. Rose Quartz also has the power to prevent the heart from being hurt again. It is a gemstone for making the best use of experience.

Rose Aura Quartz has a meaning and properties to increase mental power. It is a gemstone that heals negative emotions that leads to exhaustion of mental power. It will keep the mental state at its best. Rose Aura Quartz has the power to prevent being pushed around by surrounding words and information. It is a gemstone that helps to improve self-confidence. You will gain strength like you can say your idea is “right”.

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