Quartz Crystal Flame with Tourmaline (x249)

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Quartz Crystal Flame with Tourmaline (x249)

130mm X 70MM X 30MM  Weight 475g 

Quartz crystals have a number of powerful benefits that make them useful to use for meditation. Quartz helps to amplify the energy of other crystals and to amplify your thoughts, so this may help you to more easily make a connection with your skull, or to Spirit using the skulls energy to advance this aim.

Although using quartz is not totally necessary, the unique properties of quartz, to amplify the energy, and to resonate well, will help you to more easily understand what is being communicated to you, when you are working with them.

Quartz may be especially helpful when you are doing a crystal skull meditation, when information may more than likely come through to you

Maybe you are wondering why you would choose to use a crystal skull. It seems that people seem to have one of two reactions to crystals skulls.

Either they feel extremely drawn to them, or some people feel the opposite and do not like them at all and even feel a definite fear of them.

Some people fear them, as they think they are in some way related to black magic or to other negative practices, such as the occult.

The energy of a piece of crystal is changed by being carved into this shape it is true, but it is always a positive energy.

The ancient skulls have many stories told about them, and these primarily come from various tribes of people in South America.

These stories relate to how they benefit people and they are not used for black magic practices.

Various stories relate to the reasons the original skulls were created and there are many web-sites that cover this in great detail.

You can also read about that in a number of other places, including in many excellent books about crystal skulls

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, it promotes a sense of power and self confidence allowing for a clearer view of the world
Soothes panic attacks
When worn it is an excellent shield from environmental pollutants
Strengthens your sense of Smell
Helps ease motion sickness
This is just some of black tourmaline properties
Please be aware that black tourmaline benefits more from being worn on the left side of the body , energies always enter the aura from the left side.
Part of the Root chakra

Tourmalated quartz
If you find yourself looking at rutilated quartz remember this has chosen you
Improves awareness of the world
Promotes psychic power
Brings passion into difficult times
Can help you understand your issues better
Help you see things you would not normally notice
Helps ease feelings of guilt and anxiety and loneliness





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