Preseli Crystal Skull (SP8)

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48mm x 35mm x 33mm Weight 80g 

Preseli Bluestone is an amazing stone. It must have been for the builders of Stonehenge to transport it 150 miles from its home in the Preseli Mountains several thousands of years ago. It was the first stone planted at the iconic circle, way pre-dating the huge sarcen uprights. A spotted Dolorite, Bluestone is highly paramagnetic, a beautiful night skyscape when polished but incredibly powerful when left in the raw. Preseli Bluestone has a strong connection with the electrical impulses produced by the human body, and has a particularly strong connection with the heart. Bluestone clears the heart centre, and strengthens the electrical workings of the heart. It improves electrical communication throughout the body, which in turn serves to balance and strengthen the immune system. The electrical connection does not stop there, but helps us to link into the electromagnetic field of the Earth itself. Judy Hall and others take this further, suggesting that the stone taps into the energy pathways of our planet. This makes sense, given its surprising strength and ability to tap into the electrical pathways of the human body, and also by the way it was utilised by our forebears. It is easy to understand why our ancestors may have attributed healing powers to Preseli Bluestone.

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