Personal Development Online Sessions (3 session)

£ 165.00


Personal Development Online

Live – Learn – Love

Having online Personal development sessions can be a very rewarding part of One’s Spiritual Journey.  As Spiritual Mentors and Teachers, we can offer you personal advice on many spiritual topics Including;-

The Angelic Realms

Working with Crystals

Energy Healing

Protection, Worry and Stress

Working With Guides

And much more

By working on a deeper personal basis with us can then help you to focus and find what it is that resonates with you and this often can give you new ways to bring these energies into your life.

It maybe that you have taken classes and now need a helping hand to reconnect or to change your frequency or vibration.

Many are aware of Angels and Crystals but can easily get lost in how, who, what and when to work with them.

How you can combine them to make that positive shift. Let us help you with your spiritual gifts!

We have helped many clients & students get in touch with their own natural Intuition and Spiritual Purpose.  Many of our students have started their own Spiritual Practices and gone on to help others to heal, but somehow still feel lost.

These sessions can be adapted and we can make these bespoke to your needs.

If you book the package of 3 sessions we will connect with you before the first session starts to ensure we create what you need.

As individuals who have walked the road before you, we can help guide you in the right direction and steer you.  As humans, we desire to receive confirmation and be encouraged, so as your Spiritual Mentors & Teachers, we can be there for you.

We have had a lot of clients and students ask for guidance about their Spiritual path. One of the elements we really needed as we were developing our Spiritual path, was someone to help develop our abilities, answer questions about energy, Spirituality, and we needed guidance in these areas as we progressed. We have had many teachers, and would find ourselves exploring different subjects, but we had so many questions!  Does this sound familiar? Many teachers following their classes are not contactable to offer support.

​ It is a wonderful journey when you are awakening to your Higher Self and awakening your Spiritual side. The ultimate teacher is Spirit, Energy, and yourself, but this path can feel uncertain as you open each new door. Allow us to help guide and assist you as you walk into the knowledge of YOU.

Sessions are 1 hour in length and can be arranged over what ever is the best time span for you.

Once you book on we will contact you to arrange sessions with you