Pendulums and Dowsing (Zoom Workshop Sunday 25th October 2020)

£ 25.00


Crystal Heaven International Institute are pleased to offer this certificated 2.5 hour Zoom Workshop

Dowsing involves a very simple tool, called a dowsing Pendulum or rod. According to Dowsing groups the tools “are simply an extension of the human response giving clearer signals than can sometimes be detected without them. Pendulums come in many shapes and sizes and often are made of crystal or fancy metals. Then there are  dowsing rods come in a pair of angled L-shapes, which are held parallel to each other during a dowsing search.

Although some people swear that only those who are psychically gifted can dowse successfully, many others agree that anyone can learn how to do it. In fact, there’s a common perception among dowsers that children actually are the best at the practice. This may be because they haven’t yet learned how to disbelieve the supernatural, so they’re not as metaphysically blocked off as adults who might question their own skills.

You do not need to own a pendulum to do this class as you can use a necklace or other items.

In this class we will introduce you to dowsing with a pendulum and look at ways to work with your pendulum to receive guidance.

Choosing a Pendulum, Cleansing a Pendulum, Understanding Directional swings, Define the Directional Swings, Prepare Questions and set Intentions

We can use pendulums to assist with healing, select crystals, check our Chakras, talk to guides, find energy lines, in fact we can use it for more or less anything that we need an answer for as long as it is a Yes or No answer.

Upon completion of the class you will be issued with a PDF certificate of attendance which will be emailed over after the class

Event Timings

Date: 25th October 2020
Time: 10.00 am – 12.30.  London (GMT)

Booking Information

The cost of this Event is £25.00 and once we have booked on you will receive a confirmation to join us in Zoom.