Mahatma Energy Aura Spray

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The Mahatma Energy is the most important and highest energy presently available to us on Earth, especially as we have entered the “Age of Spiritual Awakening and understanding”. The Mahatma energy is a direct link between us and our Godhead, building a bridge of light through all 352 levels of God Consciousness.

The Mahatma Energy, is a very powerful healing energy also known as the Avatar of Synthesis, which speeds up our path to Spiritual Ascension one-thousand fold.

The more the people access this Energy the more enlightened the Earth vibration becomes, and the quicker the world consciousness will rise.

This energy became available to us as well as a result of prayers of humanity, through Divine Dispensation, during the Harmonic Convergence in 1987.

This Mahatma Energy which means “great soul” is a group of consciousness that consists of the twelve rays, Buddha and Christ energy and the spirit of peace. This energy is available to anyone without exception. Therefore it is available to you if you wish to meditate and invoke it with the use of this spray.

The Mahatma Energy is golden white in colour and is a very fine and high frequency energy . When we call it, it flows through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through our physical aura, and then into the Earth. Using this energy is the most effective way of balancing and re-energising ourselves. It helps to clean our Aura field as well, disintegrating negative thought patterns and emotional problems. It feels like being connected to a large electric force.


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