Rare High Vibrational Lemurian Blue Mist Crystal D

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80mm x 20mm x 20mm

Blue Mist Lemurian Quartz Crystal

The Blue Mist Crystals were formed in the mountains of Columbia over 100 million years ago. During their lifetime there was a 20 million year crisis when they were internally fractured and broken by the earth’s tumultuous upheavals. And after each one of these catastrophes the crystals healed themselves internally giving rise to the appearance of the blue mist. The yellowish colours near the base are due to the presence of another mineral, limonite.
Blue Mist Lemurian Quartz Crystal has the ability to make you feel both like a young child and an old wise person at the same time. The focus of the energy from the Blue Mist Quartz Crystal is in the solar plexus. Calming emotionally and physically and bringing a peaceful feeling.


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