Lazulite Crystal Ball (G30)

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Lazulite Crystal Ball (G30)

75mm dia  Weight 690g

Lazulite will help you strike a balance between the various chakras in your body. It will also help you maintain your peace of mind.
This crystal will increase your powers of focus and concentration. It will infuse you with positive, uplifting spiritual energies.
Lazulite will give plenty of insights and help you find the answers that you seek about life and love.
This crystal will give you peace, increase your self-respect, maintain your balance in life, and relieve the tension in your body.
This crystal will show you how you can draw in pure universal energies and stimulate your intuition.
Lazulite will strengthen your sense of balance and your life’s cosmic alignment.
It will also induce you with incredible states of bliss!
Lazulite will encourage you to say the things that you can’t say. It will help you speak out your truth and release your unspoken words.


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