Iridescent Ammonite (x557)

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Size  70 mm x 60mm x 20mm   Weight 107g   

Ammonites can be distinguished their shape which looks like a coil with a wide mouth. The chambered part of the ammonite shell is called a phragmocone. It contains a series of progressively larger chambers, called camerae that are divided by thin walls called septa. Only the last and largest chamber, the body chamber, was occupied by the living animal at any given moment. As it grew, it added newer and larger chambers to the open end of the coil.

Physically ammonite is excellent for anything that needs structure and clarity, relieving birth trauma that interferes with the energy flow.
This stone is ideal as an earth healing stone. ​
Ammolite awakens Kundalini energy and cellular memory. It stabilises the pulse and overcomes degenerative disorders.
​It supports the cranium and inner ear, lungs and limbs


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