Guardian Angel Aura Spray

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Your Guardian Angel is assigned to you at birth and remains with you throughout your life.

We all call upon our Guardian Angel for help at times, although we don’t always know their names.

This Spray will help you to connect to your Guardian Angel  throughout the day or in Meditation.

As with all Angels we need to connect with them, so  when you next feel the need to call on your Guardian Angel  stand and spray this spray into your Aura and feel their connection.

“My Guardian Angel I call upon you,

and thank you for loving me through all that I do,

Please shield and protect me and show me the way,

and carry me through to the end of each day”


This spray is made with Chalice Well water from Glastonbury, infused with essential oils and crystals and charged under the full moon.

Shake the bottle gently, Spray around the aura, body or into room space. Do not spray into eyes, not to be taken internally.

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