Galactic Bloodstone with Labradorite Eye Eyes Crystal Skull (x455)

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Galactic Bloodstone with Labradorite Eye Eyes Crystal Skull (x455)

 105mm x 100mm x 90mm  Weight 1404g

This is an excellent crystal to help you to feel a stronger sense of determination, as they aid you to regain your personal power, and help to instill courage comfort and strength.

They were popular as they raise self esteem as well as helping to build courage and strength of mind, to do what needs to be done within your individual reality.

These stones have strong metaphysical properties as well as being a very interesting stone, and their vibration will aid you to find within yourself a deep sense of spiritual tenacity.

Meditating with this stone is useful as this may aid you to facilitate union with the Divine Mind. They create positive feelings as they bring your energy body into balance.

Their energy resonates within the base chakra and this makes them strong spiritual grounding stones. It will provide comfort and encouragement, as you find the courage to move forward in your life and do what you need to do.  Its energy aids the emotional body, and works within the heart chakra.




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