Emerald Crystal Ball

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Emerald Crystal Ball

50mm weight 183g

Emerald is the stone of the heart because it is the heart. It represents all the wonderful things in this world and how they’re all interconnected with love.

This stone will promote physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

When everything is aligned and harmonious, you can enjoy a lighter and more illuminating existence.

Emerald will increase the energy levels in your body and enhance the energy flow between the lower and upper chakras.

It will also help you manifest a peaceful and loving existence.

It will show you how you can stay happy and fulfilled just by being yourself!

The color green in Emerald embodies respect that you should have for life and for creation.

This will give you a stronger sense of responsibility to only get what you need, and to give back what you’ve taken so that the balance will not be disrupted.