Crystal Skull Chakra Frequency Set In a box with Cleansing Fork.

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Crystal Skull Chakra Set

These sets were designed by Neil and Zena to bring a combination of Skulls, Crystals and Sound healing in one. They have been carved to allow Toning to take place through the Skull before placing on the body. This in turn activates the frequencies of the Crystals .

Each skull measures approx 50mm x 50mm x 35mm

Sets are made up of 7 skulls, As all are hand carved, so may vary, Cleansing 4096 Fork in Box

Great for Chakra Skull healing)

Clear Quartz for the Crown

Amethyst for the 3rd Eye

Blue Aventurine for the Throat

Green Aventurine for the Heart

Tigers Eye for the Solar Plexus

Orange Calcite for the Sacral

Red Jasper for the base



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