Connecting to the Crystal Skull (Continuing the Journey) Zoom Event 13th June 2020

£ 25.00



About this event

Join us for a event of mystery and healing with crystal skulls. This is the second Zoom Class as we continue the journey with the Crystal Skulls

No experience of working with the Crystal Skulls is necessary nor is being a guardian of a Crystal Skull

Topics Covered

  • Communication with the Skulls and receiving information
  • Distant Healing and Protection with the Skulls
  • Opening your heart to the Skulls to receive guidance
  • Energy Layers and frequencies of the Skulls
  • Skulls and the Star Nations
  • Connecting to the Crystal Skull collective

Crystal Skulls are like computers and they store great wisdom and knowledge. They have come forward at this point in time to assist us with healing and remembering our Galactic Origins.


We will take you on guided meditations with the Crystal Skull collective and Starnations

The Crystal Skulls wish to bring through new wisdom for humanity and it is important that we are open to work with them.

We will explore different methods of healing with your crystal skull so you can see which works best for you.

This event will be all about empowering you so you feel confident in using what feels right and works best for you, then going on to grow and explore other ways to connect

Please bring along any crystal skulls that you have or you would like to work with.

If you do not have a Crystal Skull then having a picture of a Crystal Skull will work.

If you have attended a Skull event with us in the past then, please still join us if you can as every class is different and the information is always changing. It is also very beneficial to have as many skulls together for the collective energy .

Event Timings

Date: 13th June 2020
Time: 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm London (GMT+1)

Booking Information

The cost of this Event is £25.00 and once we have booked on you will receive a confirmation to join us in Zoom.