Clear Quartz Crystal Skull with Tourmaline

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Clear Quartz Crystal Heart with Tourmaline 

66mm X 50MM X 50MM  Weight 225g 

Black tourmaline is a powerful grounding stone, it promotes a sense of power and self confidence allowing for a clearer view of the world
Soothes panic attacks
When worn it is an excellent shield from environmental pollutants
Strengthens your sense of Smell
Helps ease motion sickness
This is just some of black tourmaline properties
Please be aware that black tourmaline benefits more from being worn on the left side of the body , energies always enter the aura from the left side.
Part of the Root chakra

Tourmalated quartz
If you find yourself looking at rutilated quartz remember this has chosen you
Improves awareness of the world
Promotes psychic power
Brings passion into difficult times
Can help you understand your issues better
Help you see things you would not normally notice
Helps ease feelings of guilt and anxiety and loneliness






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